Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Today’s tease: iPhone 2.2 coming on November 21, 2008

Finally!! After the iPhone 3G was official and now has become the next best invention since sliced bread ~LOL~ I've lost the good time we spent together when I was still able to tease you guys with so many iPhone 3G rumors...

But now, here comes a good rumor complete with a jar of salt prepared on the menu list, to cheer our good o'time again. ;-p

A Greek-language blog called iPhone Hellas (found via iPhone Atlas) claims to have a "reliable insider source" that told them the iPhone 2.2 software update is coming on November 21, 2008!

iPhone Hellas continues to put the tease on roll with adding sugar cream along with cherry on top, revealing the features which we've already knew from the previous rumors leaked. Click on the above link to find out what are they, but don't forget to bring a glass of water to wash away the bitter taste that comes with every rumors. *wink*

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