Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cute emoticons for your iPhone, no jailbreak needed

The cute blonde drama queen of the internet; iJustine has finally got every Apple and iPhone fans' attention when she shares her founding: get cute emoticons for iPhone without jailbreaking it.

"Got an amazing link today from Ashot about this application that will allow you to send Japanese emoji icons to anyone with an iPhone — without hacking it! You all know I won’t jailbreak my iPhone," iJustine wrote in her blog (via JAiPB).

And according to iPhone Savior; the app allowing access to the secret emoji icons can be found by searching FrostyPlace via the App Store. The FrostyPlace App is in the News category and is actually an RSS reader for, a Chinese Mac news website. Here's the simple steps brought to you by iJustine:

1. Get this $0.99 app called frostyplace from the iTunes store [ link ]
2. Play with the app for a minute to activate, click on a story, etc
3. Go into you settings -> General > International > Keyboards > Japanese
4. Click the Emoji option to on!
5. Text anyone with an iPhone and they’ll get your icons!

Or if you more prefer it, you can watch the "cute" iJustine explains everything at the video clip below (if you can bear it ~LOL~).

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