Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Foleo copied!

Well Palm, if just you agree with Jeff Hawkins at first to released Foleo right on time and instead of cancelled it at the last minutes; Foleo might be a new hit success and can bring more cash flows-in for Palm. Because I've just read news from Gizmodo (again, this is the second great news since the Office 2008 compability -see previous blog) that Celio Corp. is about to release the device that looks like and works like Foleo!This device will surely going to be introduce at CES event, and everybody will be keeping their eyes on this baby. I can't believe that Palm's another great -to be- device idea/concept is stolen right under their own nose, few days ago I've just wrote a blog about Foleo and how good it is if it actually released.

We all love Palm as a pioneer for great device that can do multi-tasks, now after one of their product that never been officially released yet is being copied; Foleo will no longer regarded as the first device for mobile companion anymore... Hope those big guys at Palm, including Ed Colligan learn from this mistake and produce yet another break-through device in the future; we need real lovable new Palm device.

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