Sunday, November 30, 2008

Seidio Spring-Clip Holster for my Treo

I've promised to tell you about the two jolly episodes that are happening after I fixed my Treo, the first was one year anniversary for my Treo and I (and also with PalmAddict).

And now for the second is; I've received my order of Seidio Spring-Clip Holster for my Treo. I got it with a help from my brother's friend, who live in Canada. Two weeks ago he went back here on vacation, and I asked him to buy me the holster.

I'm so happy to finally able to put my beloved Treo on a rightful place, not in my jeans pocket anymore, but strapped around my waist for easy access. The Seidio's holster rest comfortably on the belt and yet at the same time feel so tightly secure too, the secret lies on the swivelling aligator type belt clip.

Like what you can see at the picture above, yes that's my hip and hand you're seeing in the pic ~LOL~, I much prefer to put the holster in horizontal position. So I can both easily grab my Treo out of the holster, and it won't limit my movement because the position doesn't block my leg & stomach. With a flick of a finger, I can push open the spring-clip while the rest of the fingers hold the Treo.

The spring-clip concept is this holster's main trait, it provides a long lasting lifetime compared to the usual rubber clip which often got broken after a rough usage. The spring-clip creates a comforting sound whenever I put in my Treo, assures me that my Treo is gripped secure and tight within the holster.

In the end, I kept on pulling out my Treo and put it back inside just to hear the nice snap sound effect created by the spring-clip. It's very addictive. ;-p

Upon a closer examination, there's a small rubber placed along inside the spring-clip side that face directly with the Treo. The rubber avoids the spring-clip from scrathing the back of my Treo, I'll just let the detailed picture on the right do the talking.

Seidio made this holster with a face-in design to protect the Treo's screen, which I think this way also protects Treo's keyboard from being accidentally pushed on. The inside of the holster is layered with a soft cloth material, colored in black.

To put inside a Treo into the Seidio Spring-Clip Holster, the user must placed the bottom of Treo first and then only with a gentle push is enough to snap in the Treo under the spring-clip. The holster has a cut-out hole, specially made for easy access to the Treo's connectors (battery & headphone jack).

But what really makes me love this holster is its soft-touch rubberized texture finish, it's really-really-really soft and smooth. And by saying really three times is, because I mean it, it feel incredibly smooth! ;-) The soft texture of the holster feel like being applied with baby powder, my finger feels like skate-gliding on ice. I just can't stop touching it... ~LOL~

The holster's soft-touch finish is going along well with Treo 750's soft-pain finish too, they both compliment to the sense of having luxurious gadgets.

So far, I'm very satisfied with Seidio Spring-Clip Holster. I believe I didn't waste my US$24.95 money on having it to accompany my Treo from today onward, the holster adds a secure hold for my trusty Treo and also a more stylish way to carry it around.

For more official photos of this Seidio Spring-Clip Holster (product #HLTR750AS), you can visit this link. Although to tell you the truth, the reason why I include lots of photos of my own in this post is because I was having a hard time to find more detailed pictures of the holster on the net. So if you want to see the pictures above in bigger size, then click on each one of them.

WriteRoom for iPhone/iPod Touch

For you Mac users who are probably already familiar with the Mac text editor by Hog Bay Software, then you'll definetely gonna find the mobile version to be very useful for your iPhone/iPod Touch (v2.0 software update or above is required).

WriteRoom allows you to create documents using any of the iPhone’s built-in fonts and with fonts of any number of sizes. You can also go a few steps further and customize the background, font, and scroller color from the default color scheme of white type on a black background.

According to a review by Scott McNulty from Macworld; the $5 priced app also allow you to sync with your Mac: "Syncing is addressed in a clever way, that, technically, isn’t syncing at all but rather sharing."

Here's a list of WriteRoom's main features that might interest you:
  • Full-screen editing. WriteRoom's full-screen mode hides it all away leaving just you and your text behind.
  • Document based auto-save. Your documents are stored in standard text file formats and autosaved in the background to help protect your work in case the power goes out.
  • Distraction free features. The menu bar, scroll bar, and word count appear when you move your mouse to the edge of the screen.
  • 'Retro'-fit your cursor. Prefer block cursors to bars? Hate blinking cursors? WriteRoom has every combination you'd want.
  • Standalone or Edit-In. Use WriteRoom on its own for all your text editing needs, or let WriteRoom be your ticket to full-screen editing for text in any compatible program.

Santa & his elf come early to Apple Stores

It's not only Palm who got a groovy Santa to come visit, seems like Apple also want to show how the white hair colored Father of Christmas love the iPhone & iPods.

The Apple store has launched its 2008 holiday window display featuring the iconic Santa Claus himself clutching an iPhone 3G along with an Elf hawking the new Nano-Chromatic iPods. A Brooklyn-based company Lite Brite Neon has been tapped to construct some iPod-loving Santa and Elf statues to help promote the iPods in the Apple Stores.

Ho-ho-ho...! Sources are from Macenstein & iPhone Savior.

Crap Apps: Lie detector apps for iPhone/iPod Touch

You've been warned, these apps can be categorized as crap apps because for what they can do might not really worth your money. But hey, it's your money so it's up to you.

Getting the truth out from someone can really be a tough job, even for an experienced information squeezer. But things may change and get easier, as Apple has created iPhone & iPod Touch (no pun intended, this is merely for a joke). And with a little help from 3rd party app, your Apple gadget can turn into a little lie detector machine. You're no longer need to bring a stun gun or nail plier if you wish to interogate your friends, asking if they have tampered your iPhone or not. ~LOL~

Champion Software's Lie Detector app

Lie Detector is an app made by Champion Software that said able to detect when a person is lying or not by pitch, frequency, and peaks in the voice and compares it to calibration questions. Find out if someone is lying about whatever "yes or no" question you decide to enter based on their voice.

A user at TiPB named msbaylor has tried the app and he got the opposite results everytime he was lying or telling the truth. He then tried the app with his friends, and it worked once in 5 tries.

So if the app has only 50/50 chance of telling someone is lying or not; then this app is definetely fall in the category of crapp app because it costs $2.99 of your money.

ACME Lie Detector

The developer obviously claim its own app as "a novelty for fun and amusement purposes, it does not detect anything." The ACME Lie Detector works this way:

  • Press reset and hold it to begin the detection. Ask the “victim” a question while holding your finger on the reset.
  • After hearing the answer to the question tilt the phone in the direction of TRUE or FALSE to predetermine what the lie detector will read. Release the reset button while tilted in the direction you desire.
  • It is important to release the reset after you have tilted the phone (the tilt can be slight) this will lock the detector till the reset is touched again.
  • Ask the “victim” to place their thumb on the PLACE THUMB HERE button for a few seconds, the needle will swing and then stop on the predetermined indicator lighting the TRUE or FALSE lamp.
  • Laugh at your mystified friends as they try to explain why they are lying.

The ACME Lie Detector developer isn't that greedy, and asks $0.99 for the price.

Crap apps can prove to be the most desired apps when say like you're in a bar and trying to melt the icy situation by getting a laugh cracked out from this man or a girl that you're hitting on, just don't ask too much then you'll do just fine. ;-p

Bitter fact: Even celebrities get dumped with text message

Ah, text message... How useful thou art in my mobile life, thou always come so handy when I need to quickly break up with someone. ;-p

It is cruel, cold and feel so bitter; but that's what happened to Boris Becker, the German tennis player who has won Wimbledon three times way back then and now become a full-time celebrity.

The 25-year-old ex-fiancee of Boris; Sandy Meyer-Woelden broke off her wedding with the 40-year-old tennis champ via a string of five text messages. Becker said: "I suddenly got an SMS from Sandy... saying that this was it, that this was over. To make sure how serious she was she sent me five others saying the same thing. I was completely surprised."

Those texts, Becker told reporters, "trampled on my soul." As reported by TennisTalk, via Switched.

I've seen the after effect of a break-up text message, a friend of mine suffered greatly for quite some time because her ex-boyfriend did that to her, for her the most hurting part was not the break-up but it was the bitter news through text message.

I'm grateful because I never experienced a break-up text message, and I hope you too. But the most important thing is: kids, don't you ever do this! It hurts very bad...

Eliza Dushku got peeked

You know how the famous credit card ad that rhymes like this:
"A man suit for party: $500,
Entry cost to the party: $350,
Take a peek at Elizha Dushku's cleavage: priceless!"

We know the #46 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005" Eliza Dushku is one hot lady, so it's only natural for her to be able to draw any man in any age to look at her hot body.

The Sex and Breakfast actress attended the CNN Heroes All-Star Tribute event, and apparently the lucky old dude that sat beside her had his chance to check out Eliza Dushku's nice curve. ~LOL~

Source is from Popoholic, see more pics there.

PS: I know this post got nothing to do with mobile news, but I just can't resist to tell you guys how hilarious the above picture is. ;-D

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Intel says netbook is only fine for an hour

Which one of us have doubts anymore about the rising of little-mini laptop these days? When analysts and bloggers used to mock the concept of Foleo, as the origin of idea behind netbook, and now they all are using and even begin to like to carry netbook rather than the average built laptops.

Well, there's actually one that is now beginning to doubt the future usefulness of netbook: it's Intel. Brooke Croothers from Business Tech is reporting:

At a recent Raymond James IT Supply Chain Conference (streamed via this Intel page), Stu Pann, vice president in the sales and marketing group at Intel, said "If you've ever used a netbook and used a 10-inch screen size--it's fine for an hour. It's not something you're going to use day in and day out."

By that, it means Intel is re-evaluating the netbook market as possibly not 'The Next Big Thing'. For most of us, including me, this brief point of view from Intel doesn't quite make sense since Intel is the company that make & introduce Atom processor. And by seeing how well the Atom processor demand for the netbook market, it's a strange statement to be made when Intel is doing so well.

Perhaps it's got to do something with the: "It just doesn't add up" philosophy? ;-p

StarHub begins to offer Femtocell service

The Singapore based wireless carrier has start offering femtocell service according to the PC World article, the service is called Home Zone.

I've discussed the femtocell technology on my previous post back in June, but allow me to freshen up your memory again:

When Home Zone users are at home, voice calls, text messages and video calls are sent over the broadband Internet connection. Users connect their mobile phones to the Internet using small, cellular base stations, called femtocells, that redirect calls over the Internet. An audio message that is played before each outgoing call and a new network name appear on the phone to alert users when their phones are connected to the femtocell.

StarHub offers the service at S$16.05 (US$10.62) per month with a 1-year contract, but StarHub still charges full mobile data rates for mobile downloads, MMS messages, and surfing the Internet using the cell phone.

This sounds like a good start for the femtocell technology to make its way to end users, because the idea is that users who frequently make cell phone calls from home may save money by avoiding charges for cellular airtime with the femtocell service.

Now it's up to wireless carriers around the world to adopt the femtocell technology, to attract more subscribers and along the way we all get the ripe the benefits. Sounds sweet isn't it? ;-p

Happy 1st anniversary to my Treo, me & PalmAddict!

I couldn't believe that it has been a year, since the first time I bought my Treo and began writing for PalmAddict. Time sure is fly fast... At exactly today one year ago, I wrote my first post at PalmAddict.

It all started with love at the first sight, where I saw Palm Treo picture at one of PalmAddict's posts, it was just a small-tiny picture but enough to captured my attention... and of course my heart also. Then my curiosity kicked in and the next thing I remember; I was searching for more informations about Palm Treo as much as I can.

Like many love stories that come near to the ending, where the soon to be the husband is having a last minute doubt, I was too having my doubt when I was about to purchase the Palm Treo. But thank goodness, I listened to my heart which said something like this back then: "try a Palm who knows I'll like it...", and you know what? I'm glad I did follow my heart. ;-D

And I also remember how I asked Sammy to become an Associate Writer (AW) at PalmAddict, I wrote an email to him which say something like this:

"Hi Sammy,
Allow me to introduce myself first; my name is Andy J. S. & I live in Indonesia (it's at the Asia Pacific region).
For more than a month I've been reading PalmAddict when I tried to look up for informations before I decided to purchase a Treo for the first time.
Now, there hasn't been a day for me without reading PalmAddict. I've been addicted...Just yesterday I decided to purchase Treo 750v (finally!) and rush to write this email with it.
I really wish to share my thoughts and opinions about my Treo 750v, like why I choose it instead of the 680, etc. And how I'm gonna use it for everyday use..."

And what do you know? I received one of the warmest welcomes I ever had in the blog communities that I've been to, Sammy took me under the wing of PalmAddict's big umbrella and months later he made me an Editor at this vast community. I'm addicted more than ever now... ;-p

But even though I'm an Editor now, I'm often see for myself how good and better the posts that are made by my own fellow AWs. There has never been a single day, or a week passes by without me learning a new skill or two on how to make a better post from my fellow AWs' writings.

So while we're still in the spirit of Thanks Giving, please allow me to express my gratitude first to Sammy for giving me an opportunity to write for PalmAddict, secondly to the great readers and AWs of PalmAddict; it's been an amazing one year journey together in which I can't wait to join in again for more years to come.

And lastly, many thanks to Palm for the remarkable Treo smartphone. Oh, and of course thank you to my Treo for becoming such a trusty companion when I needed it the most, and for being there to cheer me up when I'm feeling down and lonely. I can't imagine my life for the past one year without you. ;-D

I know I sound like a senile melancholy old man, heck I even kept record of my first email to Sammy. ~LOL~ But I always have a soft spot in my heart for things like this... And I'd love to hear the same stories from you guys too.

I hope y'all have a great and lovely weekend!

[blogged with my 1 year old Treo 750v]

Thursday, November 27, 2008

CrackBerry reviewed the Treo Pro

Why did a BlackBerry dedicated site review the Palm Treo Pro? That might be the first thing that comes into our thought when we heard it, well it's because the Smartphone Round Robin program is on & up running again; and CrackBerry is part of it.

If you're still looking for more oppinions before getting a Treo Pro for yourself, then this review by CrackBerry is a good one. Just get ready to read long notes, but a comprehensive review on the Palm's latest handset.

Find out why CrackBerry began the review with the image of the Palm Treo and stylus in hand with a say about the software keyboard showing on its screen (pictured left), and here's the snipped of CrackBerry's some final thoughts on Treo Pro:

"Overall, I liked the Palm Treo Pro. The hardware was uber nice, and Windows Mobile is very usable. If this was a device I owned and was going to use for the long haul I would definitely be able to get used to it and love it. The phone itself is a joy to carry around."

And for you who have enough spare time to kill, hit the play button on the video review below this post to start watching the review in live action.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

T-Omnia is the fastest (right now) with 806MHz CPU

The race for bringing in the fastest CPU to smartphones is just getting start to warm up, where previously the title was held by Asus P565 with its 800MHz CPU; but Samsung is catching up and has taken the title for now with T-Omnia.

Ubergizmo reports the leaked T-Omnia specs as follow:
  • Display: 480x800 pixels
  • CPU: 806Mhz
  • S-DMB (Digital TV)
  • UMTS/HSDPA 7.2Mbps (theoretical)
  • 4GB or 16GB
  • NO WIFI?!?!!

It's only 6MHz difference, but hey it's just like what the famous line from Dom in The Fast & the Furious movie (played by Vin Diesel): "Ask any racer, any real racer. It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile; winning's winning."

So T-Omnia is the winner, for now. But don't get too excited yet, because according to Ubergizmo; that fastest smartphone (right now) is only available in South Korea at November 27th. Anyone want to race to the "Land of the Morning Calm" and grab one? ;-D

HTC Touch HD ready to rumble against iPhone

The biggest smartphone maker: High Tech Computer or you probably more know it as HTC; has officially launched HTC Touch HD on Wednesday at Taipei.

PC World is reporting that HTC teamed up with network operator Taiwan Mobile to launch the Touch HD. Taiwan Mobile, one of the largest mobile network operators on the island by subscribers, plans to launch the device next month. The retail price suggested by HTC is NT$25,900 (US$776).

No words yet on when the other countries will welcome the Touch HD, but rumors say the U.K. and Singapore will see the handset shortly.

Many analysts have always compared HTC Touch HD with Apple iPhone 3G, and the fight will definetely goes on since Taiwan Mobile is also competing with the current market leader: Chunghwa Telecom who is set to launch iPhone 3G any time soon.

Just for a reminder on what makes the Touch HD so special, here's a short list of its most highlighted features:
  • 3.8-inch wide, WVGA (480 X 800 pixel) display
  • Vibrant TouchFLOTM 3D user interface
  • Google Maps enhanced by the wide screen viewing platform
  • 5MP camera
  • Qualcomm® MSM 7201A™ 528 MHz CPU

For more complete specs on the Touch HD, head on to this page and also don't forget to see the eye-watering gallery page while you're there. ;-D

NewsBreak delivers news straight into my Treo

Keeping up with the most recent news around the globe has never been so easy now in digital era, in fact if you're not being selective, you'll soon get drown with too many news thrown at you.

But being choosy on what news you wanted to hear, see and read; is also imply to how and with what you wish to do all that.

How to get the news is a piece of cake to do for a mobile addict like yourself, that smartphone which is strapped around your waist or which is inside your pocket or purse, is more than capable to bring RSS news for you anytime anywhere. The biggest challenge is with which app will your smartphone going to do that?

There are plenty of RSS news reader apps out there in the market, some are free and some are required you to purchase a license, many are bad and only few are good. If you're not careful, you'll end up using a lowsy app that brings just half of the news (no pics & no podcasts), and irritates you with its bugs.

For me, having the best RSS news reader app in my Treo is a must. Reading news and hearing podcast news every day, is like vitamins I need to take to make me healthy each day. So that's why while on the spree of re-installing back apps into my fixed Treo starting a couple days ago, I want to share with you my pick on RSS news reader app for my Treo: Illium Software NewsBreak.

Don't be fooled by NewsBreak's modest user interface (UI), although I must say the UI got not that much to talk about. After launching the app, you'll be presented with a clean main UI. The main window shows RSS feed channels you've registered to, clicking on each one of them will take you directly into designated channel. There are two menu buttons at the bottom, they are Refresh option on the left and Menu option on the right.

Clicking the Refresh button will update all of the registered channels shown on the main window, while the Menu button will shows more options to choose on. Through the Menu option you can register for a new RSS feed, backup your registered feeds, change a channel properties, set NewsBreak to store podcasts into memory card, set auto-update, set notify for new items, etc.

With NewsBreak you can categorize every channels into folders, making the main window stay neat and clean if you have a bunch of RSS feeds registered. For each channels, you may download the default site's name, or you may rename it to your own liking. On the right part besides the channel's name, there'll be numbers representing the items that are unread and the total items available in that particular channel. For example: at PalmAddict channel, it has a total of 35 items available and two items unread (screenshot above).

If I choose PalmAddict channel, NewsBreak then shows the two items unread at most above, highlighted in bold words. There are more options to sort out the view of the items based on date, status (read or unread), keyword and combination of all.

If there's an item contain a podcast in it, you can order NewsBreak to download it by clicking the podcast icon, or you can set NewsBreak to always download and store podcasts automatically. To listen to the downloaded podcasts, NewsBreak provide a direct play so you don't have to hear it using other music/sound players. Later on, NewsBreak allows you to delete any podcasts you've heard to save space.

It is the ease of use, which made me so fond of NewsBreak. Like for an instance: when you're reading a news, you can jump to next or previous news simply by pressing the left & right of the D-pad buttons. This shortcut also works if you want to jump from channel to channel, you'll soon reading like propelled with the speed of a F1 race car. ;-D

With NewsBreak shortcut located at Windows Mobile's Today Screen showing the new items available for you to read, you won't be able to stop checking out your device screen and keep turning on the display to see if there's a new item to read or not.

The options available in NewsBreak are powerful enough to customized it the way you want it to be, but the options would not make you lost in it, you even soon start using the app with its full features on. No hassle, just the news you want delivered straight to you. Or I might just said: NewsBreak delivers!

If you're interested to try out the NewsBreak first before you buy it, then download the installer or CAB file that's compatible with your Windows Mobile device at this page. While you're there, you probably interested too in seeing the screenshots.

Ilium Software is offering Newsbreak v2.1 at US$19.95, but for you PalmAddict loyal readers, you can enjoy a US$10 OFF by punching in this promotion code: DC2XPA4D at the check out page. And that's not all, the $10 worth discount is elligible not only for NewsBreak, but also for any of Ilium Software's app titles!

So if you've been eyeing to purchase a license for Ilium Software's apps, then this is a good chance to use this great offering. Look for the appropriate apps for your mobile devices at this product page, but I suggest you better make up your mind quick because this offer will end next week.

Winterface v1.2 released

One of the best apps out there that you can use to customise the boring look of Windows Mobile's user interface: Winterface, has just been updated. Konstantin Kalinin from VITO Technology has told me of the update:

On November 25, 2008 - VITO Technology releases Winterface 1.2 - mobile shell for Windows Mobile devices. Winterface greatly improves default Windows Mobile interface by making it more customizable, finger-friendly, and functional. Since its release Winterface has proven to be very popular among WM users.

Winterface gives Windows Mobile users unlimited freedom to customize interface. They can place icons to applications, settings, contacts, files, and favorite web sites to access any of them with one tap. Most important icons also show actual information, like number of unread text messages, missed calls, scheduled event, active phone profile and many more.

Winterface 1.2 features many improvements and bug fixes. New features:
  • Today plug-in
  • Auto start after soft reset
  • Option to add favorite web sites
  • Portrait\landscape mode icon switch
  • Screens rotation with joystick
  • "Close All" button in "Running"Clock icon shows indicator when the alarm is on
  • SMS-Chat icon shows number of new text messages
  • Bluetooth status icon toggles Bluetooth on/off with one press
  • Battery icon shows when there is low charge
  • Alphabetic ruler for quick scrolling when adding a file

Winterface 1.2 fixes the following bugs:

  • Bug with notification not visible under the lock screen
  • Bug with power icon on HTC Touch HD/ PalmTreo Pro/ Samsung i900
  • Winterface lock screen no longer interferes with the default lock screen
  • Day of the week is displayed below the date on Calendar icon and the indicator of upcoming events doesn't close the date
Go get the newest version of Winterface at this link, or try it right now by downloading the desktop installer here. To find out more about the features of Winterface, then don't forget to check out my review.

Microsoft rumored making a phone with NVidia

Microsoft versus Apple, this is an on going epic & old war in digital world. Unlike any other competition between computer manufacturers or software developers, these two computer giants' are the most interesting to watch.

To think about it, they're much alike spoiled little children, don't they? If one has a new toy, the other will soon want the same or better yet a more sparkling toy to play with.

Ever since Apple had iPhone and dazzled the whole world with it, rumors have never ceased to stop saying that Microsoft also want a phone of its own. And no matter how often Microsoft's PRs (Public Relations) keep on confirming the blogosphere, that Microsoft is not making a mobile phone with the software giant's brand stamped on it; we simply just can't trust them.

It's still fresh in my memory too, how Steve Ballmer also confirmed about it by saying: "I do not anticipate us building a phone. Sorry, we are not going build one." But we all know him too well to tell the truth, aren't we? ;-p

I thought we have passed that kinda rumor, because it's been quite awhile since iPhone is out and so far there's not even a single mobile phone with Microsoft logo on it out in the market. But the rumor is sizzling again, not that hot anymore but still pretty warm, with an article came from the Inquirer:

"MS is going to make its own branded phone, after all, ... If you were wondering why Nvidia never mentions the phrase Linux when talking Tegra, even though it is the most appropriate OS for the chip, now you know. NV appears to have sold Linux out to get the MS flagship deal, how nice of them."

The Tegra is said to be able to integrates an ARM-based CPU and an Nvidia GPU core on a single die, in addition to a northbridge, southbridge and primary memory functionality. It's pretty much like AMD's upcoming Fusion processor, but more aimed for mobile devices. If your memory has expired out from its warranty limit, then don't be shy to refresh it by watching the NVidia's Tegra video demo from my previous post.

True or not, the moral story of the rumor is that we shouldn't never stop dreaming of a mobile phone from Microsoft. What should we call it then? mPhone? Or perhaps the rumored Zune phone is more appropriate, since Zune is more like iPod so it will make more sense if Microsoft also going to upgrade it to become a phone; zPhone?

mPhone, zPhone or Zune Phone are all sound like a lame name for a phone. But if Microsoft can get close enough to make its own branded phone just like this Zune Contact concept made by Adam Huffman, then consider me buying one if it comes out. ;-)

Sources are from:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lexisgoo, an extensive English Dictionary for my Treo

I've began installing apps back into my fixed Treo again starting yesterday, and because I had been using it for almost a year now, I'm being finicky about apps that are installed within my most trusted mobile device.

Well, I got to admit it; the Treo 750 is not exactly the most powerful smartphone out there anymore, while apps available nowadays for Windows Mobile are draining more juice out of the mobile device's limited resources than ever was.

So that's why I need to be selective on choosing the right apps for my aging Treo 750v, thank goodness after spending less than a year of marriage with my Treo; I know which apps are right for my lovely device. There are only few apps that I consider really worthy, but for a start I'm going to quickly mention my pick for English dictionary app: PPCLink's Lexisgoo English Dictionary for Pocket PC.

It doesn't matter if your native language is English or not, because even for those who is born and live in a country which English is the mother-language; it's impossible to know all the unique words & idioms. You can imagine how harder it is for those who are not, me for an instance. That's why I needed an extensive and at the same time a reliable English dictionary whenever I'm about to write a blog post, especially if you're writing for a famous weblog such as PalmAddict. *wink*

I already tried some English dictionary app with my Treo, one or two of them are from well known software developers, but none of them offer the ease of use like Lexisgoo. And when I talk about ease of use, that would mean the simplicity of the user interface and how speedy is the app to be used in all conditions.

Upon opening Lexisgoo for the first time, you'll easily know how to use it in an instant. Although you may customized the settings like font size and etc. through Tools option, you can start using Lexisgoo by writing down the English vocabulary you want to search, press enter and you're good to go. With 185,000 entries, 3.18 million words & 4140 idioms; Lexisgoo will always has something to refer you to even if you don't know the exact words.

And after you've found the words; PPCLink has embedded a speaking feature if Lexisgoo shows the search result, so you can hear the right pronunciation by clicking the small speaker icon on the main menu just below the search pane.

Lexisgoo's clean user interface have fully support mobile devices with square screen, like my Treo. You don't have to worry about the app big size, since you can optimized your smartphone's limited memory by installing it into additional storage card. I never encounter any troubles, and no app crashes everytime I use Lexisgoo from Treo's miniSD card.

But what I really love about Lexisgoo, is its plugin called Lexisee, which is a shortcut to use Lexisgoo represented by a question icon on Windows Mobile title bar. So when you're in a web browser, or in a RSS feed app reading news and find a word you don't understand; all you need to do is highlight the word and click on the Lexisee icon at the title bar. Lexisee then pops out a small window, showing the search result of the closest it can find. You can see how it works in live action at the animated picture on the left, or see it at this link.

Lastly, Lexisgoo has an advanced study assistant, including automatic vocabulary reminder on today screen that makes learning English vocabulary easier in day to day basis.

For more extensive learning, Lexisgoo offers word links with synonyms and related words for every definition of the words you searched. In a short time, your head will explode because of too many new words revealed to you. That almost happened to me... ;-p

Lexisgoo English Dictionary for Pocket PC has been updated to v3.1.1 since June 5th, 2008. To immediately download and try it out on your Windows Mobile device, click on this link (CAB file download).

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Treo Pro is Windows Mobile done right, a good review by MTS

It's not easy to capture readers attention when you present a review of a product, but Brett Quam from My Today Screen (MTS) has wrote a good one about Palm's latest brainchild: the Treo Pro.

But what I really like about Brett's review on Treo Pro, is because he also pay attention to the little things. If you wanted to know what about the Treo Pro that made Brett said: "Sometimes it’s the small things that make a great phone," then head on to the above link to find out.

And if just in case you're currently in a hurry, and doesn't have much time to read the whole review, then I'll cut to the chase and get right to Brett's verdict on Treo Pro:

"The battery lasted, the phone was stable, the signal strength was solid…it just works. This is Windows Mobile done right…thank you Palm and HTC."

Oh yes, thank you Palm. But while you're at it, can you please give us something more for Christmas? Say... like Foleo 2 maybe? ;-p

Google plans to preinstall Chrome in new computers

Let me start by asking this to you first: "Have you tried Chrome yet?"

Why I asked you that question? Well, that's because from 6 people I asked about Chrome, only one said he knew about Google's web browser. But even that particular person hasn't even tried Chrome yet till now. And those 6 people I've asked, are not geeks nor bloggers, they're just ordinary office workers & housewives. ;-p

That little survey of mine maybe doesn't exactly tell how the search giant's new web browser is struggling to gain popularity among average computer users, but you'll probably will more believe it if the survey is a market data from online research firm Net Applications on web browsers market share:
  • Internet Explorer at 71.27%
  • Mozilla's Firefox at 19.97%
  • Safari at 6.57%
  • Opera at 0.75%
  • Chrome now at the bottom with only 0.74%

Although the reality of Chrome market share is not looking so good, but Google sees it with a more positive point of view. On an interview with Times Online, Google Vice President of Product Management Sundar Pichai revealed that Chrome will be ready to come out of “beta” testing by January next year, and that the search giant was aiming to make Chrome available for Mac & Linux computers in the first half of 2009.

Further more, Pichai also explained the main reason on why Google seems to be holding back to promote Chrome is because of timing tactic. Pichai said: “We will throw our weight behind it. We’ve been conservative because its still in beta, but once we get it out of beta we will work hard at getting the word out, promoting to users, and marketing will be a part of that.”

Pichai then pointed out Google's next biggest plan to make Chrome as a serious contender against IE: “We could work with an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and have them ship computers with Chrome pre-installed.” Google is following the sleazy tactic which Microsoft has used all these time to make IE as the industry standard; preinstalled it inside Windows OS that comes along with new PCs.

If Google can really pull off that trick for Chrome and beat Microsoft's IE, then it would be great for every end users like you and me; because the balance of power finally get to be restored. The last thing we need is another huge evil company to dominate our mobile world...

And for one last thing, I'm actually surprised to hear that Google has finally decided to make one of its many great Beta products to become non-Beta, in other words a fully working and official software. ;-p

Sources are from:

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pam is that you?

Without the usual makeups, celebrities are just almost like us. Almost, that's the key word. ;-p

X-17 Online photogs caught former Baywatch hottie Pamela Anderson in Malibu yesterday, although unfortunately she was not wearing her famous beach guard red piece. But guess what she was holding there in the pics; a BlackBerry Bold. She even took a snap of picture right back to the photogs with it, now that's classic.

This got me to think, should I bring my mobile phone if I go to the beach or not? Being on the beach at the afternoon, sit quietly on the sand while watching the sun sets down, I don't think I'll ever want to ruin that kinda moment when my phone rings... How about you?

Two blondes jumping & spanking on the bed, what could I possibly ask for more from a video demo?

This app didn't caught my attention at first when I read the title, but it sure did when I curiously pushed the play button of the video demo of the app. ;-p

Pocket Jockey, the $0.99 priced horce racing game for iPhone or iPod Touch (v2.0 software or above required) features a fun new way to "spank" yours or your friend's iPhone. *cough*

Well, you don't really have to spank your precious iPhone, you can do it in other ways:
  • Jump up and down while holding the iPhone in front of your face, then "whip" your horse by flicking the screen.
  • Tap the screen, and whip the horse by flicking the screen.

Aw, who am I foolin' anyway? Just watch the video will ya, then you'll understand completely what I was talkin' about up there. Warning: not for the faint of heart or guys who have just undergone a heart surgery. ~LOL~

Sources are from TUAW and Gizmodo.

iPhone 2.2 software bugs on the rise

It's so surprising how Paul Biba & Scott McClintock were both at the same time posted up how they use their iPhone today at PalmAddict. ;-)

It's also good to see that there are many of you using iPhone, and for sure you must have known about the newest v2.2 software update is available since November 21st yesterday. The promised new features which are already leaked around the blogosphere, will definetely pushes non-jailbroken iPhone owners to do the upgrade.

But what you probably don't know yet, is there have been some bugs reported by users who have updated to iPhone OS 2.2, the bugs must be quite serious because it only takes a couple of days to be reported. Here's the list of the reported bugs so far by iPhone Atlas:
  • Third-party Applications broken. Some third-party applications will no longer function properly under iPhone OS 2.2 due to API changes and other modifications.
  • "Could not Connect to Internet". Some users are encountering an inability to connect to the Internet over cellular networks after the iPhone OS 2.2 update. In some cases, this issue can be resolved by switching from 3G to EDGE (or, for carriers other than AT&T, the appropriate GPRS network).
  • “SIM card not inserted”. Or PIN lock Some users are receiving an error message indicating that the SIM card is not inserted, or that a PIN lock is in place when none should exist. If you get the PIN lock message, try the suggestions in this tech note.
  • Kilometers instead of miles in Google Maps. It appears that Google Maps for the iPhone now displays kilometers instead of miles for various countries.
  • Problems deleting email. Some users are unable to delete emails from certain accounts, especially AOL accounts after the 2.2 update.
  • App Store extremely slow. The App Store is extremely slow after the iPhone OS 2.2 update for some users. This may be a server-side problem that Apple will resolved shortly.

And then TiPB is also reporting that Apple didn't fix the two Safari bugs in v2.2 software update either, they are: Links to applications in the App Store still do not work & Safari still does not honor META REFRESH tags, meaning that redirecting users from one web page to another still does not work.

So if you still haven't updated to v2.2 software yet, you might want to think again about updating your iPhone to the latest software because of the above bugs. Stay safe!

Google search result is now more friendly for iPhone

Just in case you haven't noticed it yet, Google has updated its search page to be more iPhone friendly since last week. Here's the exact info from Google Mobile Blog:

Results are formatted to be neatly displayed on the mobile screen, so there's no need to scroll side to side.
Local search results now include easier-to-press "Get Directions" and click-to-call links.
Maps are shown by default in the case of a single listing or accessible by the "Show map" link for multiple listings.

But unfortunately the Google Mobile team said the iPhone friendly format is available only in the U.S. right now, but they do intend to make the newly formatted results pages available through other search entry points on the iPhone, on additional devices, and in more language and country combinations.

In the mean time, don't forget to enjoy a video demo below this post.

Ocarina for iPhone/iPod Touch

Smule has developed an interesting app for iPhone/iPod Touch (v2.0 software or above required), called Ocarina. The name "ocarina" itself means as an ancient family of instrument (believed to date some 12,000 years), and one of the easiest instruments to learn.

The app makes your iPhone/iPod Touch to become like a flute, by blowing into the phone/instrument. Or control pitch with different fingerings; it's because Ocarina is sensitive to your breath, touch and movements.

Users can also share music, videos and performance tips at Ocarina Forums. But for a better reference on how the app works, take a look at the video demo below or visit the website link above for more video demos. Ocarina is sold with $0.99 price tag, you can click on the link above to purchase it via iTunes.

Sources are from Smule, via TiPB.

TouchType Lite for iPhone/iPod Touch

Still remember those 5 landscape keyboard apps for your iPhone or iPod Touch which I've told you before? One of the best offered apps in there is TouchType, that also tops as the most best selling app because of its cheap price (only at $0.99).

But if you're the kinda person who more prefer to get a free app and think that the price above is still too pricey, because maybe for you life is too expensive to waste around ;-p then you're in luck. Because TouchType is now offered in "lite" version, and it's for free.

Lifehacker is reporting that the differences between the paid and free version are: Twitter integration and spell check. To get TouchType Lite, you'll need v2.0 software update or above.

Typing Genius for iPhone/iPod Touch

Writing on a full touch screen mobile devices like the iPhone, can become a wearisome transition for an avid user who accustomed to devices with physically built-in keyboard.

Some say it's a close experience, all it takes to be accustomed with on-screen keyboard is practice. For you who own iPhone or iPod Touch with v2.0 software update (or above), there's a great tutor app to enhance your typing skill called Typing Genius.

According to iPhone Atlas; the app includes 50 randomized exercises in 17 categories. Key statistics are provided and tracked allowing users to see how they perform in normal mode, landscape, and without auto-correction. Tips regarding hidden shortcuts are also included.

The application’s developer boasts “Most iPhone or iPod Touch users type at an average rate of 30-50 CPM (characters per minute). Typing Genius can assist you in reaching an average of 100-150CPM.” Here are some of the app's features:
  • 17 categories of remedial and practical exercises
  • Comparison with landscape mode and without autocorrection to benchmark results
  • Over 50 exercises randomized to keep statistics accurate
  • Over 10 key statistics including graphed results

If you believe you need a tutoring app for writing with your iPhone/iPod Touch, then get this $2 worth app by clicking on the link above.

You Shake iLaugh for iPhone/iPod Touch

I've just stumbled upon this trivial, yet funny app at AppShopper website for you owners of iPhone or iPod Touch with v2.0 (or above) software update; it's called You Shake iLaugh.

The app is good for you who's having a rough day, or feeling a little under the weather and in need of a laughter to cheer you up again. Here's a snipped info of the app taken from Roman Reyhani, the developer of the app himself:

"This app was inspired largely out of a feeling that we need more laughter in our lives, instead of the gloomy outlook we’re often fed. So this app hopes to achieve that - it’s a little silly but when you’re really in the funk, and need to hear some outrageous laughter, the You Shake iLaugh will do the trick. The app works by using the accelerometer to detect motion. When you shake the phone, it'll gently laughs. The harder you shake it, the harder it laughs - until it reaches an eye-watering hysterical laugh."

But perhaps what really funny is how I'm aimlessly wandering at AppShopper website, looking for good apps but I don't own an iPhone, not even the first gen. ~LOL~ Hope y'all have a fun and cheerful weekend! ;-D

Sources are from AppShopper and TiPB.

Funny fact: How world leaders phone each other

When Sarah Palin got a prank call from a Canadian DJ, who was pretending to be the President of France and actually managed to get through her handlers, we're wondering how exactly world leaders make call to other world leaders at the other side of the world?

World leaders have to put up with prank calls all the time. As a general practice, one leader's staff members will arrange to call back the staff members of another. For an example, if the President of the United States wants to congratulate Nicolas Sarkozy for having such a drop-dead gorgeous model as wife, President Bush has his people to call the French President's people. White House operators are known for being able to get hold of just about anyone, they'll set up a time to chat and patch through the call when that time comes.

It is unpractical, but that is the cost of becoming a world leader for them; no more speed dial feature in their luxurious life. No celebrities, and not even powerful people that walk on this planet are immune to one of the oldest jokes in the history of mobile world: prank calls. ;-p

Sources are from Slate, via Switched.

Funny ad: Microsoft uses MacBook & PlayStation 3 to promote Vista

While Microsoft has spent billion of dollars on marketing campaign to promote Windows Vista, along with relentless efforts to beat Get a Mac ads using I'm a PC labels, an embarassing blunder was made by Microsoft's PR (Public Relations) on the Vista booklet that came with a brand new HP Pavilion desktop featuring an image of the Apple's MacBook Pro laptop.

Like if one mistake is not enough, there's another image that shows how two happy kids playing games using PlayStation 3 controllers.

One thing for certain; Microsoft is not likely to promote its own rival's products in their own marketing brochure. So the blame should goes to the software maker's creative agency that created the booklet using stock images, without paying a closer look at them.

Microsoft should reconsider paying too much to the creative agencies it is using to make that booklet, this proves how ineffective it is the huge pile of money Microsoft throwing to create a better image of Windows Vista. ;-p

Sources are from Hehe2 blog, via TG Daily.

Funny show: Snoop Dogg talks BlackBerry with Martha Stewart

I don't know how this got mixed up in the first place: the rapper Snoop Dogg made a guest entrance in Martha Stewart Show, what was Martha thinking there? ~LOL~

But it is show business after all, so anything goes and allowed. If you have time, try to watch the video clip (found via Switched) that I've embedded just below this post.

During in the show, Snoop Dogg admits that he is addicted to his BlackBerry for texting. And then Martha Stewart awkwardly reads a few of Snoop Dogg's e-mails aloud to the studio audience.

Later on after the hilarious moment, they went on to share parenting strategies and mashed potato recipes. ;-p

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Got my Treo back

What a joyous feeling it is, to hold my trusty Treo back again in my hand. After waited for almost three days, my Treo is fully repaired and working as if it is new. I feels like a complete man once more.

I quickly tested it out by making/receiving calls, writing/sending text messages & emails, in fact the first email I replied with my newly fixed Treo was from Sammy. Talk about a nice coincidence. ;-)

This reminded me, why I'm so in love with Treo; because of its remarkable keyboard. There's some kinda tactile feedback, each time I pressed every of the keyboard's buttons. Gives a great pleasure to write emails & SMS with it, where now I don't need to push too hard or repeatedly push the buttons anymore. All it takes is just a light touch, and every words I wanted will swiftly appear on the screen.

Now all I've got to do is re-install back every apps I used to have in my Treo, before I handed it out to be repaired. One definite app that I'll immediately install is a RSS feed reader app, because I wish to receive news around the globe as soon as possible, especially from PalmAddict. *wink*

But having my Treo back into my hands, is not the only one jolly episode I'm having right now. There are two more, but I'm saving them for next week to tell you about. So stay tune in here at my personal weblog! ;-D

[blogged -again- with my Treo 750v --yeeess! ~LOL~]

Nokia takes seriously of the saying "No pain, no gain"

For you who loves to work out in the gym, or perhaps for you who do extreme sports, then you must've familiar with the saying: "No pain, no gain."

As for me, I'm just trying to figure out how to throw away the main idea of torturing myself every time I went to the gym and do some weight lifting. ~LOL~

Ohkay, back to the topic again. Yesterday, Nokia has been sending a set of pictures that tell how they tested out their handsets in some of the more than 200 mechanical tests.

Those tests include bending the handsets under great pressure, twisting them till they break, pushes the keypad million of times, drips your kind of hand cream & gels on it, bathes them into a pool of hard & sharp little plastics, drops on a solid of concrete, and other tests that are too mean to be mentioned... ;-p

But as I'm watching the video torture that I've embedded below this post, I was wondering if through those tough test can Nokia's handsets still have the hair-line cracks which found on Treo Pro and iPhone 3G? Perhaps Palm and Apple should copy those torture tests from Nokia, to avoid having cracks on the body of their handsets in the future.

The tests might cost a fortune to be done, even for a big mobile manufacturer like Nokia, but like the saying above goes; I think it might be worth it if the reports on the hair-line cracks of Treo Pro & iPhone 3G are escalating every day.

Personally, I would be more than happy to be a torture test for any Palm's or Apple's products. Don't you? ;-D

Sources are from GSMArena & Gizmodo.

A gloomy looking future for Palm

I feels bad to be the bearer of a sad rumor, but if this is to be true then we all should know it now rather than hearing it later from other weblogs.

I read the rumor at TamsPalm, who says that according to insider sources a bunch of Palm employees will soon be laid off. Here's the exact snipped news:

"A truckload of people have been let go at Palm. Most from the US (~200), plus closure of the office in Singapore, decimating the office in Australia, plus more in EU… :-/"

I know you might feel down after reading the above rumor, because I did, but let's just keep our chin up and hope that this one will become a false rumor... (fingers crossed)

Update: Sammy just told me that PalmInfoCenter is reporting the rumor along with confirmation statement; which the news comes during a rather rough week for Palm's stock and the US stock market in general.

iPhone 3G casing cracks reports rising

If you have been following from the start about the hair-line cracks found on the iPhone 3G's casing at Apple's discussion board, then you won't be surprised to see that there have been 297 replies posted and viewed more than 10,307 (as reported by iPhone Atlas).

I tried to check the site myself, but the IE in my sister's laptop is keep crashing whenever I open it. I never able to finish uploading the page...

Avi Koschitski, a resident at Nassau County filed a lawsuit against Apple, which Koschitzki further claims that he is among a number of iPhone users who have noticed hairline cracks that form in the iPhone 3G’s casing usually around the camera and near the volume button on the side of the iPhone. Reports from iPhone Atlas readers have indicated that the cracks appear on the bottom of the phone near the sync cable port and near the ear phone jack. Some users are reportedly finding the phones cracked coming new out of the box as well.

Head on to these links: 1, 2 & 3 to see more photos of the cracks on the first gen of iPhone.