Saturday, November 22, 2008

iPhone 3G casing cracks reports rising

If you have been following from the start about the hair-line cracks found on the iPhone 3G's casing at Apple's discussion board, then you won't be surprised to see that there have been 297 replies posted and viewed more than 10,307 (as reported by iPhone Atlas).

I tried to check the site myself, but the IE in my sister's laptop is keep crashing whenever I open it. I never able to finish uploading the page...

Avi Koschitski, a resident at Nassau County filed a lawsuit against Apple, which Koschitzki further claims that he is among a number of iPhone users who have noticed hairline cracks that form in the iPhone 3G’s casing usually around the camera and near the volume button on the side of the iPhone. Reports from iPhone Atlas readers have indicated that the cracks appear on the bottom of the phone near the sync cable port and near the ear phone jack. Some users are reportedly finding the phones cracked coming new out of the box as well.

Head on to these links: 1, 2 & 3 to see more photos of the cracks on the first gen of iPhone.

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