Saturday, November 22, 2008

A gloomy looking future for Palm

I feels bad to be the bearer of a sad rumor, but if this is to be true then we all should know it now rather than hearing it later from other weblogs.

I read the rumor at TamsPalm, who says that according to insider sources a bunch of Palm employees will soon be laid off. Here's the exact snipped news:

"A truckload of people have been let go at Palm. Most from the US (~200), plus closure of the office in Singapore, decimating the office in Australia, plus more in EU… :-/"

I know you might feel down after reading the above rumor, because I did, but let's just keep our chin up and hope that this one will become a false rumor... (fingers crossed)

Update: Sammy just told me that PalmInfoCenter is reporting the rumor along with confirmation statement; which the news comes during a rather rough week for Palm's stock and the US stock market in general.

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