Friday, October 31, 2008

Radus, a media oriented web browser

Heads up people, there's a new player in the web browser competition; and its name is Radus.

Radus (read: ray-dee-us) is said to had been created as a media hub platform to let users simultaneously surf the web, search, view and share media formats (video, pictures & blogs). I suppose you can already guess Radus' main traits, only by looking at that big round playback control which pretty much looks like the iPod's famous wheel-click.

The main home page can be customized to your own liking; and features up to the minute news, entertainment, movies, blogs, etc. While on the right side panel, you'll find icon-based navigation for users to easily browse through content categories.

Undearneath the aforementioned panel, there's a search panel. It can view the results by content type: videos, blogs and photos. Afterwards, you may save the previous searches.

Lastly, on the most bottom panel, just at the right & left side of the playback control; there are integrated tool icons which enable users to share content by email or post to leading social sites.

One particular feature that I like about Radus is when it's used for reading blogs. Radus lets you add and save your own favorite RSS feeds by one click linking, and then you can customize those RSS feeds. Although only feeds with the add-to-your-home-page glyph, that can be automatically inserted and saved into your personal home page.

The ultimate experience for me would be reading blogs with it, because Radus is capable to lay 'em out in magazine style and thus eliminates scrolling. It re-format the blog's column, and adjust the blog to its own form factor. While you can leisurely stroll down the blog posts and pick the one you like to read, by take a glimpse at the blogs preview list located on the right panel.

The only drawback found now is mentioned by Ubergizmo: "I am not a fan of the way the articles from the various news and blogs sources are displayed: the source name is not visible inside Radus, you can only discover it once you clicked on the article, it takes you the original article page in another window."

Other notable features worth quick mentioning are to share the contents of media in Radus' own Community, Playlists (with cute little thumbnails), and Publish to famous social networking sites. And not to be forgotten is Radus' Widgets, which can be embedded into web page and blog. You can share videos, photos & blogs; and it automatically updates them across all social sites.

Radus uses Adobe AIR clients technology, and available for free download for Windows & Mac platform. Are you drooling already? Oh, we will drool more. Just wait till the mobile version is out, slated for release in early 2009... ;-p

I'm off now to give the new browser a try, but with the loads of work I have right now; I don't think I'll be able to fully review Radus. Sounds like a calling cue to my fellow PalmAddict Associate Writers or Editors, or even maybe the readers? *wink*

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Compaq Mini 700 is the HP Mini 1000 clone

The hot skittering trail of the newly announced HP Mini 1000 is not even cold yet, and we're already presented with another netbook coming out from HP's child company that deals with lower mid-range value computers; Compaq.

Apparently Compaq doesn't want to be bothered with re-designing the Mini 1000, so apart from the same exact specs within, Compaq also named it with Mini moniker but different number: 700. But of course, the HP logo is replaced with its own Compaq logo on the front bezel.

Albeit buying the Mini 1000 with £399 price tag, you can get this Mini 700 at cheaper price tag: £299. It is also said that Compaq will offer an optional 3G/HSDPA connection along, but for reassurance we'll have to wait till this netbook becomes official. Let's hold our breath together, shall we? ~LOL~

Sources are from T3, via Liliputing.

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Samsung C6620 leaked

Samsung has been secretly working on a new mid-range Windows Mobile -based smartphone, codenamed C6620. But unfortunately the surprise was blown out by the reckless action from Italian carrier; TIM who posted the new handset line-up in its website. Perhaps it was intentional? ;-p

GSMArena is reporting that this C6620 smartphone will hosts these mediocre specs: HSDPA connection, QVGA display, WinMob 6.1, and 2MP camera. And since this is a mid-range phone, you'll not find GPS & WiFi features in it. Availability info is, it will retail for 199 euro with 1GB microSD memory card on a pre-paid basis.

This is probably just me, but whenever I see the C6620; it strikes a close resemblance to the 'unsuccessful' Palm's Treo 500. Is it?

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

HP Mini 1000 is for “information snacking”

I don’t want to even imagine how it feels for those who have purchased netbooks lately, because newer models are strutting down the runway and get reviewed faster than we can refill money in our little pocket. The latest one to enter the portable mini-laptop market a.k.a. netbook, is the successor of HP 2133 Mini-Note: Mini 1000.

When the news & pictures of Mini 1000 hit the net, I called up my friend who I told you before he bought 2133 Mini-Note when it first came out (here at my little country); and asked him if he’s going to upgrade to the newer model. He expressed big disappointment that he now own an almost obsolete device, which he once thought as the coolest netbook offered back then.

But he then wisely declined to enter the rat-race of owning the latest gadgets, which usually driven only by a bottomless pit of technology thirst. Besides, his 2133 Mini-Note has not even reach 1 year old; he bought it early this year. Nevertheless, his remarks got me thinking; is that the case? Is this Mini 1000 simply bested out its old sibling by design, and also by specs inside?

Just like when the 2133 Mini-Note was out in the market, it got plenty of attentions and reviews, and so is the new Mini 1000. This is very good, especially for us, who just want to know how well the new netbook really is. And for you who wish to buy it later when the Mini 1000 is finally out in the market, you can get an early preview and compare it with the other options you have for netbooks.

I’ve compiled the sources from three well known techie weblogs, which I believe you know them very well: Engadget, Gizmodo & jkOnTheRun. I just took the most interesting points, and left the rest for you to find them out for yourselves. Here we go:

Types, specs & build

There are three models of HP Mini 1000:
  • Piano-black finish that runs either on Windows XP or
  • HP’s Mobile Internet Experience (MIE) Linux-based OS,
  • and lastly is the Vivienne Tam Edition in vibrant red color with a peonyflower which runs Windows XP too.

Why the red color and the peonyflower you asked? Good question, here’s Tam answer: “The fashion-forward woman no longer has to sacrifice glamour when staying in touch with all her favorite digital content. And the flower and vibrant colors suggest good fortune, happiness and prosperity in the Chinese culture.”

So the Vivienne Tam Edition is definitely aimed for the ladies, while the boys will get the piano-black colored one. Let’s continue to take a look under the hood shall we? The basic specs are as follow, they are vary depending on the model:

  • N270 Atom 1.6 GHz
  • 512 MB/ 1 GB memory (2 GB on MIE model)
  • 8, 16 GB SSD; 60 GB hard drive (PATA)
  • 3-cell battery (25 WHr); 6-cell optional (52 WHr)
  • 2 USB ports
  • HP Mini Mobile Drive port (2/ 4/ 8 GB)
  • Ethernet
  • Combo headphone / mic jack
  • Expansion port (for optional dock)
  • 802.11 b/g; Bluetooth 2.1 optional
  • Webcam (0.3 MP/ VGA)
  • SD/ MMC slot
  • 8.9 or 10.2 inch screen (1024x600 pixels)

While Engadget stated the Mini 1000 weight at 2.4 pounds, Gizmodo says it comes in at under 2.5 pounds, and Mr. James Kendrick says it is 2.2 pounds; I’m going to go with the official statement: 2.25 lbs. If you wanted to know that in pounds, then it’s time to make use the conversion app in your Palm devices. *wink*

HP has changed the aluminum finish used in the 2133 Mini-Note with smooth black plastic casing, which personally I think is a major drawback on the physical design. For an instance, one of my friend’s reasons to bought the 2133 Mini-Note is because of the striking aluminum color that never seen before on typical netbooks .

Keyboard & mouse pad

Paul Miller from Engadget say they’re “…inspired by the edge-to-edge keyboard, which is easily the nicest we've used on a netbook…”, while Mr. James Kendrick impressed by the keyboard and says: “…it is tailor-made for touch typing like a banshee.” So that means the Mini 1000’s keyboard is the pick of choice for writers on the go.

But they both feel that the mouse pad, along with the mouse buttons located on the left & right side of it, are still need to be accustomed with before you can use them at ease. Thankfully, HP kept the trackpad on/off toggle button, just in case you want to use an external mouse.

The other thing that HP kept, is the glossy black colored display surrounding the screen. Although the screen resolution is now lower than previous model, the maximum is only 1024x600 pixels. Mr. James Kendrick noted that the screen’s lid is now retains the MacBook-like hinge, which is located behind the unit’s body thus making the display sits lower than most netbooks.

Another new thing added to the Mini 1000 is there’s a chrome speaker grill in the hinge, just above the keyboard. Nice, but no immediate improvement in the sound quality.

The Mobile Internet Experience (MIE) OS

We all know and familiar with Windows XP, but the new HP’s Linux-based OS is something new to talk about. (Uh, oh… I heard a cheering sound from the “hankering” Linux die-hard fans crowd there ;-p) HP is using Ubuntu version, and mixed it up with its own Touchsmart interface.

Adrian Covert from Gizmodo says about this MIE: “MIE streamlines the netbook experience by placing your most used apps into an efficient-looking homescreen. RSS Feeds, bookmarks, emails, music, photos and more are all available from this home screen. A click in any direction will take you deeper into the interface, which at times resembles Apple TV (and that's not a bad thing), but a quick tap of the Windows key will bring you right back to the home screen."

While Paul Miller (Engadget) praises the MIE too: “The OS starts up at a respectable pace, and once you've booted you're faced with a home screen that's actually preloaded your primary apps to save you the trouble.”

Mr. James Kendrick also says: “We played with the MIE for a good bit and we are impressed how decent the user experience is using it. … The MIE was extremely snappy and well done and it's easy to see how it is the way to go for novices."

Is this MIE all good, and no bad? Of course there are bad points about the MIE, but I’m afraid you’re gonna have to read on each respective weblogs to know more. Cuz I’m reaching my post limit here… ;-)


The Mini 1000 has better specs than its predecessor, the 2133 Mini-Note; so it'll be a nice upgrade. But not everyone will agree that it has better look which is primarily caused by the color combination used in the new models.

But netbook, is still a netbook. It has limited features compared to common laptop, so you’ll still have be satisfied with what you’ll get. Just don’t expect more, simply because it looks different than before, or from the rest of the bunch.

Maybe that’s why HP calls the Mini 1000 as for “information snacking”, not “meal” or “dinner”, just for “snack”. ~LOL~

Price & availability

The HP Mini 1000 is available today in the U.S. with a starting price of $399.99. The HP Mini 1000 with MIE is expected to be available in the U.S. in January at a starting price of $379.99. And The HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition is expected to be available in the U.S. in mid-December – plus with its designer sleeve and support offerings – is expected to be priced at a starting price of $699.99 U.S.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

U2's St. Bono is innocent no more

This may come as shocking to you as it is to me. We have knew Bono; the lead singer of U2 rock band as a family man, humanitarian & anti-poverty campaigner. Which made him earned his knighthood: St. Bono.

But despite being a great role-model and inspiration for many people in the whole world, Bono is indeed still a man after all who is nearing the end of his second puberty (he's 48-year-old now).

So when St. Bono is off duty being all that, those nice looking roles, he went off partying with a couple of young ladies with bikinis on a £12million worth yacht!

What a way to let off some steams he's been piling up all these times, if you know what I mean. ;-p

The lovely young girls are 19-year-olds, American fashion student Andrea Feick (right) and her British friend Hannah Emerson (left). The girls met up with Bono in the playboys’ playground of St. Tropez, where later that evening they took a stroll along the beach. Which then Bono put his arm around Andrea’s waist, and then wrapped himself around Hannah's neck. *Yowza!*

Andrea and Hannah then posted pictures of the holiday on the Facebook website, open to the public in the site’s New York and French networks. The next thing is... Booom! The pictures travel fast around the blogospheres, and surely not only tainted St. Bono's perfect figure, but also jeopardize his 26 years of marriage.

Oh, Bono... We know no one is perfect, but at least you gotta know that you should never trust teenage girls who know how to use Facebook. ~LOL~

Read the whole shocking story, and see more pictures at Daily Mail.

Microsoft enters the ‘cloud’ war with Windows 7 & Azure

I almost didn’t want to write anything about the launch of Microsoft’s newest upcoming platforms: Windows 7 Alpha release & Windows Azure, because let’s face it; it’s a boring news. Besides, we have pretty much have a picture of what those two are going to be from Steve Ballmer’s big talks.

But as boring as the news could be, there are still some interesting ones to dig in. Especially what Microsoft is not talked about, when the software giant announced the new platforms at its PDC 2008 conference on Monday.

For you who aren’t following the announcement news, here’s a quick recap of what Windows Azure is: It is basically a platform to host Microsoft’s existing services & products (Live, .NET, SQL Server, Exchange, Office, etc.), and push them all into the ‘cloud’. Where ‘cloud’ means the internet. You can read the whole mumbo-jumbo info regarding Azure at this link, and as for Windows 7 you can read my previous post.

We all know Microsoft hates competition, and determined to dominate every area it can grasps upon. And we also know that Google is currently the king and ruler of the ‘cloud’, with its web-based services such as Gmail, Docs, Talk, Maps, etc. Not to mention Google is unchallenged in the search market, Google’s search engine is simply bested out Microsoft’s lame Live Search engine.

So you can visualize yourself how ambitious is Steve Ballmer, when he learned about those facts. "I think it is very ambitious, extremely ambitious," said Gartner analyst David Smith. He noted that Microsoft is trying to span a broad range of audiences, from enterprise to consumer, and a broad range of devices.

While according to Jonathan Yarmis, vice president for disruptive technologies at AMR Research, Windows Azure is nothing less than a make-or-break move for Microsoft. "I think they've said we have no choice but to succeed at this. To leave it to Google or Amazon or others to define the pace and characteristics of the platform would be very bad for Microsoft's long-term and even near-term prospects," he said. Microsoft's thinking would have to be: "We have to do this or we cease to be interesting as a company."

Then how about Windows 7? Where does it fit in to the Microsoft’s grandeur scheme? Preston Gralla from Computerworld calls Windows 7 as a Trojan horse in Microsoft's war against Google. The following question takes place after knowing that; “What new features can Microsoft possibly introduce that will help it overtake Google in search and retain its domination of productivity software such as Office?"

Preston nicely pointed out: Microsoft's secret weapon in Windows 7 is not what features the operating system has, but instead what features it doesn't have. Microsoft is stripping Windows 7 of some of Windows' best built-in applications, and it's making them available only as downloads on its Windows Live site.

So users will have to visit the Microsoft Windows Live site, where the softwares (like Mail, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, etc.) can be downloaded for free. Microsoft claims that it is stripping the applications out of Windows 7 because it makes for a "cleaner" operating system.

Great, do you know what that really means? It means we’ll be buying the same old Windows Vista but with a more expensive price tag, and minus the useful features! Steve Ballmer once said it himself; the next generation of Windows is almost like Vista, but with less of the bulks…

Strange, somehow I don’t feel surprised at all. In fact, it’s like there’s some kinda warm fuzzy feeling blanket me; knowing that Microsoft is doing what it usually does best and what we all are familiar with: repackaged old products and sell them as new. ~LOL~

Sources are from:

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Twitter labeled as a terrorists' tool

Do you know what a Twitter is? Oops, sorry. That's a dumb question, of course you know what it is and how to use it. Everybody does...

And that's probably the main problem is; everybody knows how to use Twitter, including the terrorists.

That's right, according to a report published by the US Army’s 304th Military Intelligence Battalion and later posted to the Federation of American Scientists website, the U.S. Intelligence community has labeled Twitter, amongst other Web 2.0-like tools, as potential tools for terrorists to coordinate attacks!

OMG, have you been tweeting lately? If so, then please becareful my dear readers. Because while you're peacefully posting up your daily activities into your Twitter account with your mobile phone, the next thing you'll know you're surrounded by men in black suits with black sunglasses and ear-sets.

You can imagine yourselves what will happen next, they'll take you into a white steril room, locked the room and one of them puts on a pair of rubber gloves. Then you'll gonna say, "Uuum... Shouldn't we had dinner first before we do this?" ~LOL~

Read the detailed news at TG Daily.

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Today's off topic quickie: Fallout 3 finally out

Ready to get out from your nuclear bunker, grab a shotgun and blast off those nasty mutant creatures on the post-apocalyptic waste land? Or perhaps you rather spend the rest of your day in the bunker leisurely laying down and getting nuke-radiation burn, while sipping down a glass full of rad-pack...? ;-)

One of my favorite games of all time; Fallout. Has just been launched at midnight on October 27 in most of U.S. big cities, and the gamers who have been waiting forever for the third installment are now paid off.

This Fallout 3 is nothing like the second, which I've played so many times when I was at college, this one has stunning 3D graphics. It's no wonder because the developer behind Fallout 3, is Bethesda; maker of the famous Oblivion game.

I can't have enough words to praise the game, and you can witness youself by visiting the gallery page. But for you who wanted for a quick pace game and jump straight ahead into lots of actions, you might get dissapointed, cuz Fallout 3 is more like plot-driven RPG which usually become more enjoyable when you play longer in time.

But in the game, you can expect plenty of blood-gore scenes from blowing the enemies with large guns. Although you shouldn't hope to see green fields with trees & flowers around the game's environment, what you'll get is the opposite; a post-nuclear land filled with destroyed rusty buildings which is pretty depressing for some happy-time gamers.

In the end, if you managed to push those inside your stomach and waste hours with the game; you'll soon find yourself playing one of the most awaited games of the year. In fact, Fallout 3 has been rumored to be resurrected long since the second installment. That's why it's now gaining so much attention from every hardcore playing gamers around the globe...

For me, I'm just gonna wait till I can afford a computer with a fast quad-core processor, a powerful graphic card, an eye-popping 17" monitor and a month off from work before I'll able to play it. ~LOL~ Maybe I'll get a better chance, if I pray for a stripped down mobile version of the Fallout 3 game meant for mobile phone? If that ever happen, then I can see my favorite character again from the Fallout game; the PipBoy! I'm already using him as my Treo's wallpaper. ;-D

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Keanu Reeves walks the line

Here's a little off topic from the tech & gadgets news, it's been awhile since I posted a news about Hollywood celebrities. I believe you and me are entitled for a refreshing news after a long busy Monday. ;-p

Keanu Reeves was seen strolling out and about on London street, he was asking directions to Geo F. Trumper, which known as "London's favorite barber and perfumer since 1875." It's a sight for sore eyes, to see a celebrity make a casual errand like common people do. And so as "the Matrix" star was crossing the street, the photogs took few snap of pictures while he was on the white stripes.

Instantly, the pictures reminded me of the Beattle's most famous cover album (inset picture). ;-)

And did Keanu find what he's looking for? Oh you betcha, he walked out of the store with a bag which inside are $100 worth of specialty shaving creams for his 'scruffy' chin. And of course, along with a little smile of success on his face. After all, he found the store location with the oldest trick before GPS invented: by asking people around! ~LOL~

Source is from Bauer Griffin.

Cruz browser: a new fun way for cruzin' the web

I've been dying to say that, since way back then when Tom Cruise was still hanging out with the beautiful Penelope Cruz. Tabloids were often making jokes about their names, which rhyme when said but different when written. But wait, I'm here not to talk about them! ;-)

What I wanted to talk about is Cruz, the new web browser for Mac OS X. The creative mind behind Cruz is none other than Todd Ditchendorf; the developer of Fluid app. Although Cruz browser is still in its early birth, it has features that have been long sought after by avid web cruisers.

For a start; Cruz has the capability to show multiple panes altogether, enable you to do side by side web browsing at once. Secondly, Cruz is able to set up any web app you like as a sidebar. For instance, you can use FriendFeed and set it in that panel to act as an iPhone when visiting websites; this way you can view the page faster because using the stripped-down page meant for mobile browsers (if the website provides).

Another notable feature is found by Bob Rudis from theAppleBlog when he tested Cruz with his own configurations; "When you move your mouse near the top of either pane, you will see that you have full navigation controls that allow you to reset the pane back to the primary page or wander off to other sites for further investigation (i.e. do quick Google search). Cruz will also remember your settings and currently displayed sites when you quit, letting you come back right where you started."

You'll gonna have to try the Cruz browser for yourself, to see what it has in store for you. Who knows, perhaps you'll like it better than Safari browser; because Cruz uses the same source: the WebKit framework.

But what's up with the name? What is the original intention of Cruz in the tight web browser competition? And most importantly, will it stays free or will be offered with hefty price tag? Lucky for us, Giles Turnbull from Cult of Mac has contacted Todd himself and asked those intriguing questions:
  • What's up with the 'Cruz' name? --- “It’s extremely difficult to name software projects, as most of the obvious names are already taken by existing projects – and then there’s the difficulty of finding an available domain name. Finally one night, I decided to run a sort of informal poll on Twitter. After a couple of hours of hilarious suggestions from my Twitter pals, I finally got the idea for ‘Cruz’ when I asked my Mom for advice.”

  • So why make it? --- “Why Cruz? I found that many Fluid users didn’t realize that a Fluid SSB is actually a very full-featured browser, and that it’s easy to use an SSB as such. By releasing Cruz, I’m lowering the conceptual barrier to entry, and making it clear that Cruz is a capable standalone web browser."

  • What’s the purpose? --- "It’s not intended to be a money-making exercise, though. Cruz will always remain freeware. My current goal with Cruz is just to have fun. To have fun developing it, sharing it, and using it. Browsing should fun."

Bravo Todd, and I lift my hat for you. We all are wishing the best of luck in the future for your brainchild, Cruz. And for you, my dear readers; don't forget to watch the video demo that I've embedded just below this post. Enjoy!

Sources are from New York Times & Cult of Mac. #Update: added another source from theAppleBlog.

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15 killer apps for G1 Android

Google has finally released the entire source code of the Android operating system under the open-source Apache 2.0 license, this move described by TG Daily as "one of the largest open-source efforts ever in the history of open source." Making software developers from all levels to create apps for Android platform, a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Android nickname is born. ;-)

"You can literally take that entire source code, put it on a piece of hardware, and you'd have a working phone," Google Android Product Manager Erick Tseng told eWeek yesterday. "You could not have done that before with just the SDK. Whether you're a carrier, an OEM or even just an application provider, you can partner up with a hardware manufacturer and make a phone."

This literally mean, there'll be more software devs to jump into the new bandwagon and join in the party. Android apps are flooding soon into the Market...

And so, while Android Market is enjoying the limelight, shared with Apple's App Store; owners of the new T-Mobile's G1 handset are also going to benefit from the increasing numbers of apps available in Android Market.

With that in mind, I think it's time to start posting up the most exciting Android apps for you to know. And it's already getting better; you'll get 15... not one, but 15 apps to check them out and see if they can be useful for your new G1 phone or not.

Tom Spring from PC World, has gathered around 15 'killer Android apps' (that's what he calls them ;-p) worthy of your time. In the list, include three apps that I've been watching for: Biowallet - to lock down your G1, CAllACab, and the famous BreadCrumbZ - leave behind a trail of pictures to follow.

Very recommendable, especially for those who wish to make the most of your newly bought G1 phone. Head on to the PC World page, to see more detailed info and screenshots for each apps. Happy hunting! ;-D

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Signs of Apple’s netbook arrival

The unveiling of new MacBook line-up for 2008 has been done, before that every Apple enthusiasts have expected Steve Jobs to announce a new Mac with low price & limited features. Those two traits are usually possessed by netbook, the new rising category that quickly becomes popular among users with limited budget. Unfortunately, there’s no such Mini MacBook / MacNetbook to be seen yet.

Not long after presented the MacBook 2008 line-up, Steve Jobs said during the company’s fourth quarter earning conference that Apple had already made an entrance to the netbook category; and the product is iPhone.

The Apple’s CEO underlined that they don’t have any immediate plans to enter the netbook category, and will watch closely the nascent category for now. We’ll have to keep this in mind: Steve didn’t officially wave off any comments if Apple indeed already made its own (prototype) netbook.

But the rumor mill doesn’t stop at all, in fact it keep on churning faster and louder than before. There are hidden signs inside every news related to Apple, directly or indirectly; they all are pointing to the shadow of Apple’s netbook that seems to be just around the corner.

Apple’s netbook made a brief on-line appeareance?

It all started to spark again when John Markoff, the New York Times technology writer said that an undisclosed search engine firm has noticed an "unannounced product" from Apple in its web visit logs.

The "unannounced product" reportedly has a display resolution somewhere between iPhone 3G's screen resolution (480x320 pixels) and the 13-inch MacBook (1280x800 pixels). The description matches with most today netbook’s screen resolution.

Intel ‘bends over’ to please Apple

You may have heard the news too; about two Intel’s executives: Shane Wall and Pankaj Kedia who said at the company's Developer Forum in Taipei that "ARM chips can't handle the Internet". By that, they were saying devices with ARM processors are not as good as those which use Intel’s Atom processor.

They even singled out the iPhone as an example, where of course that kind of comment make Apple’s ears turn to red. Just days afterward, Intel issued a correction statement regarding that comment.

Anand Chandrasekher, the head of Intel's low-power efforts acknowledged that Intel's low-power Atom processor does not yet match the battery life characteristics of the ARM processor in a phone form factor.

Furthermore, Intel licked-back the spits made by the aforementioned two executives in its Chip Shots blog: “Apple's iPhone offering is an extremely innovative product that enables new and exciting market opportunities. The statements made in Taiwan were inappropriate, and Intel representatives should not have been commenting on specific customer designs.”

This is a strange phenomenon, Intel has never apologized before, even when it was slamming IBM's Power server chip (a competitor to its Itanium processor). I’m just gonna use Tom Krazit’s (CNet) genuine words that he said so ingenuously in his blog: “But one offhand remark surfaces about Jobs' iPhone, and Intel bends over backward to smooth things over." ~big LOL~

There must be some kinda hidden agenda, if Intel is so willingly to go that far for Apple. It seems like Intel is desperately trying to sell its Atom processor, its MID (Mobile Internet Device) & the UrbanMax concept to Apple so bad.

You know how it works; those big companies CEO are always oiled up the pathway so they can easier slide in their products to get more share. And right now, Apple is the hottest company to flirt with wide range of categories to conquer: laptop, desktop, music, & mobile phone.

ARM stretches to netbook category

ARM definitely is not sitting back and stays still, while watching its share taken away by Intel. Rob Coombs, director of mobile solutions at the U.K. processor design company, told ZDNet UK that they plan to enter the netbook category too with the new Cortex-A8 & A9 based application processors.

"In the future, we're going to be in Netbooks," Coombs said. "Expect announcements in the next few months."

Cortex-A8 is planned to replace the aging ARM11 microarchitecture, which is used by most ARM-based smartphone nowadays. The Cortex-A9 is a multicore processor, which provides power advantages as multiple cores running at a lower speed can process more instructions per watt than can single high-speed cores.

And we know Apple is using ARM processor to power up its iPhone, so it won’t be a surprise if we’re going to see a device sized bigger than iPhone to take advantage of the new ARM’s Cortex-A8/A9 processor. Does the “unannounced product” mentioned above fits in the description? ;-)

It all winds up looking like Intel apologized to Apple, in order to beat ARM in supplying the Cortex processors for Apple. And if we’re to believe Apple is not going to refresh the iPhone any time soon, because it already did that with the iPhone 3G; so what do you think this processor supply race is for? *wink*

Intel shows off new tech for ultrathin laptop

Intel is indeed a big company, humongous to be precise, so it easy for Intel to make research for new technologies compared to any of its competitors in any categories (computer processor, platform, memory, etc.). One of the latest new technologies introduced by Intel is a system using laminar air flow technology in jet engine to move the heat off a laptop's skin.

"When you design a very thin system, cooling the skin is a very big challenge," said Mooly Eden, general manager of Intel's Mobile Platforms Group at the Intel Developer Forum in Taipei. "If you put (a laptop) on your lap, it can feel very uncomfortable. Very hot." This is one of the biggest hurdles to designing an ultrathin laptop like the MacBook Air or HP’s Voodoo Envy 133.

"If this problem isn't solved, laptops can't be made thinner and thinner," Eden added. "We are licensing it to our customers so they can keep making thinner and thinner laptops."

With this new cooling technology from Intel, it’s possible for any laptop manufacturers to create ultra thinner design than Apple’s MacBook Air. Heck, perhaps Apple is already in the know and used it in that “unannounced product”?

Apple has previously enjoyed special treatments from Intel, such as the unusual Core 2 Duo chip used in the first gen of MacBook Air. Intel might have to “bend over” more again to give the needed push for them to keep the relation in harmony… ~LOL~

Sources are from:

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lux Touch for iPhone/iPod Touch

I've posted some free apps for your iPhone and iPod Touch, and I think it'll be fair enough if I post one free game lastly. ;-p

Lux Touch is an intensely addictive and fast-paced version of the board game classic Risk, but with a modern twist; says Matt Hickey from Crave.

Here's Matt verdict on the game: "I cannot stop playing Lux Touch for the iPhone. It's far and away the best game I've played yet on the device. You play the blue forces. Each turn, you get three armies, which you place in your territories. At certain times you can cash in "cards" (which you get as you conquer new regions), and those can be traded in for more armies. Get a full continent and get bonus armies each turn."

You can get Lux Touch for free at App Store, while for the paid version; the Lux Delux will costs you $24.95 per license. You can find the complete information from its maker: Sillysoft. The company name may sound silly, but not with the games they produced. ~LOL~

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Moblyng for iPhone/iPod Touch

For you who love to take pictures with your iPhone or iPod Touch, or perhaps you love to view pictures with iPhone's superior user interface; then you'll also love Moblyng.

Moblyng mobile is a slideshow application for iPhone, it allows users to create and share slideshows to other smartphones and social media sites. The cross-platform application will allow consumers to:
  • Create a slideshow using the photos on their iPhone (Photo Library or Camera Roll)
  • Enhance slideshows with animated effects and transitions
  • Share slideshows to other iPhones or any web-enabled, video-supporting phone or smartphone
  • Post slideshows as a Flash Embed to social media sites like MySpace
  • Post slideshows to for future sharing with friends and family

Don Ngo from Crave, who have tried Moblyng with his iPhone found an interesting feature: "The app offers five ways (themes) for you to run a slide show. One of the themes is called "Antique" that makes all images appear in black and white, which is really cool. You can also change the speed and choose different skins."

Get Moblyng beta app for free from App Store, or point your iPhone's Safari web browser to this address: to get it.

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Tracking jobs with iPhone/iPod Touch

Don't be fooled with this post's title up there, I didn't write the "jobs" with capital which usually represent the Apple's CEO name; so it really is mean jobs, you know... those things or errands we must do even though we don't want to do them. ;-p

But ain't it cool. if just there's an iPhone app that works as a tracking news on whatever Mr. Steve Jobs is doing right now? It'll like having a shortcut to view Steve Jobs' Twitter or Facebook account, and find out what he's been up to for the next presentation at Mac Expo events. ~LOL~

Alright, that's enough for today's daydreaming. Let's get back straight to the topic, shall we? Jobs for iPhone/iPod Touch (with v2.0 software) is an app made by Bjango, cost you $4.99 for having an app that rhymes with Steve Jobs name... Uh oh, I'm going off the track again; sorry.

Jobs can helps you keep track of your time, hourly rate, flagfall, client information and total time spent on a job. The information is broken up into sessions logged every time a job is paused or restarted. Starting or stopping a job will be recorded into a history of sessions, which can then be exported to CSV (comma separated values) or plain text for export to a computer.

For one last obsession with this Jobs name bewilderment, I love the way Sam Gwilym from AppleInsider describes it: "...despite its title, does not give you a tiny virtual Steve Jobs you can take anywhere to advise you on important matters of the soul." ~LOL~

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Fliq for iPhone/iPod Touch

"It's slick, it's quick, it's Fliq!" that's the slogan of Fliq, a new free app for your iPhone/iPod Touch (requires v2.1 software update) that lets users to instantly send, or beam, photos and contacts to one another.

Mark/Space, makers of the Missing Sync line of data synchronization software and also the maker of Fliq, says Fliq offers real-time social networking between friends in close proximity. There’s no emailing, texting or instant messaging configurations to set because Fliq is a stand-alone app that allows users to sync up to share photos and contacts with anyone else on the same Wi-Fi network.

Fliq promises great flexibility, and features that Apple should've embed into iPhone in the first place. But my hope is the same with Jeremy Sikora from TiPB; "Now this is all fine and dandy but one thing I wish this app allowed you to do to is send data via a 3G or EDGE signal. Because lets face it, how often do you share a WiFi signal with a bunch of friends with iPhones?"

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People for iPhone/iPod Touch

If you're not satisfied enough using WhitePages Mobile for iPhone, then you might want to try this app from Caffeinated Cocoa (an intriquing name indeed! ;-p); called People. It basically works the same and cost the same too: free! With People, you can look up phone numbers via an online white pages service such as &; plus it offers additional features that could be useful for you:
  • Search over 180 million public listings (80% of US adults) using just the information you know- a name, partial address, or phone number.
  • See a list of search results. Then, with one tap, call the person, view the address in the Maps application, or add the person to your contacts.
  • Find people near your current location automatically. Perfect if you are looking for someone's house, but forget their exact address.

But People got some quirks and bugs, that Philip Michaels from Macworld has explained in his review. I recommend you read his review first, before trying People on your iPhone. Good luck!

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Cooliris for iPhone

Cooliris, a cinematic viewer for you to search and look for images, videos and contents of the web; has now released a free app for iPhone.

And just like the way it works on desktop web browsers, Cooliris for iPhone lets you swipe through the search results with your finger, or simple tip your iPhone from side to side to navigate. It's both sleek and entertaining as well, "wonderfully gratifying and natural" said Josh Lowensohn from Webware.

One of the cool feature from this app is its Discover feature; it can takes advantage of your iPhone's location based services to deliver regional news around you; near or far.

To get Cooliris for iPhone, click on this link (will open iTunes). But before that, you can enjoy the video demo below. Enjoy!

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Hotel Evolution: virtual front desk in your iPhone

The famous brainchild from Apple; the iPhone, is stepping on another spotlight last week when the news about Hotel Evolution broke out on the net.

Hotel Evolution is a web app for your iPhone, designated to work almost like what most hotels' front desk do. Such as calling house keeping, setting up wake up call, look what's on today's menu, etc. And if you're too lazy to walk across the hotel room or getting up from your comfy bed, you can now tap on your iPhone the "Do not disturb" sign. ;-p

Right now Hotel Evolution is already offered at Malibu Beach Inn in Malibu, CA. For a guest who already has iPhone, the hotel staff will load it into the iPhone. And for those who don't have an iPhone, the hotel will gladly lend a 16GB iPhone during the stay.

TechCrunch reported that the cost of getting such a system up and running varies on a hotel-by-hotel basis. According to Matt Allard, president of Runtriz (the software developer of Hotel Evolution), the cost of the first month is generally about double that of the standard monthly fee of $10 per room.

Runtriz brilliantly made Hotel Evolution as web app to avoid Apple's App Store long screening process, and to minimize the temptation of jailbreaking every guests' iPhone. Apart from that, it also facilitates portability; when they add support for other platforms (such as Android, or BlackBerry) in the future, it's a matter of simply tweaking the layout for each browser, rather than rewriting an entire application.

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Beware of Puzzllotto game app for iPhone/iPod Touch

You may want to be careful if you decided to buy and download this game app for your iPhone/iPod Touch (v2.0 software is required), called Puzzllotto. Not that the game will make your iPhone self destruct in 10 seconds, or something like that.

But I'm most worried about the way United Lemur Inc., the maker of the game, promotes Puzzllotto: Finish the game by solving the puzzles, and then the winner can grab the total prize up to $3,000. It's now available at $4.99 price tag on the iTunes App Store, and 10% of App Store revenue is said to be donated to the Madagascar Fauna Group...

One of the poster at ModMyI blog named cash7c3 informed about the game: "Puzzllotto is in the same spirit as Zort or Myst. You are given no instructions for gameplay and have to figure out everything yourself including the solution to the puzzle. The game is set in the jungle and there are a few creatures in the game."

Although you can follow the game with Twitter, to find out whether there's already a winner or not; I'm really concern that there hasn't been a winner since the contest started on Oct 23rd. I know it's only been for a couple of days or so, but c'mon, don't you think there should be plenty of gamers out there who can win a game like this?

And to add to my agonizing curiosity; t-baum, posted this when he/she has finished the first level: "Well when i finish what i guess is the first level i get this weird message.

Arahabainalanono tena kinga
saina indrinda...
(time here)
sarotra kokoa noho
tamin ny ezaka mafy
aminny ezaka mafy.
then i get a list to choose from:
Any help?"

Then another poster called shaybaba pointed out that the language up there is "MALAGASY", but shaybaba still unable to translate the whole messages. It was javiert30's post that has caught my attention, and it could probably is true: "...I think that message means, "Go and tell your friends about my app, so they can buy it and I can get my $30,000.00" ~LOL~

Maybe you'll enjoy the game, and maybe there's indeed a money grand prize if you ever win the contest; but the only annoyance for me personally is how the game developer promote its game. But hey, as long as you're having fun playing it then perhaps the $4.99 cost didn't go to waste, right? ;-)

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Disposable phone concept from "Ultra Violet" movie

Truth to be told, when I was about to watch "Ultra Violet" movie on DVD last night, I know I shouldn't expect much from a movie like that. I should just sit back, relax, and enjoy it as one action-fun movie about the future.

But I couldn't do that, I found myself to kept forwarding the movie until the end. Maybe it's just me, but after being pampered by some great science-fiction movies like the Matrix or Minority Report; I don't want to see movies that run wild only based on imagination like this.

There's one thing that I think worth mentioning in the movie though; it's when V a.k.a Violet (played by Milla Jovovich) purchase a disposable phone from a booth. The idea is pretty good, and might come to reality when the technology could ever catch up with the imagination. ;-p

It is basically a clam shell-like phone made of paper, and in the movie; to use this disposable phone is by flipping the one side with holes for the buttons; on top of the one side with the buttons. Like what you can see on the picture above.

Apart from this disposable printed-paper phone, I believe the other point to watch the "Ultra Violet" movie is to see Milla Jovovich's flat stomach. ~LOL~

Funny fact: Pics of 'brokers with hands on their faces' make great memorabilia wallpapers

I didn't mean to disrespect for those who are in the hardest days of their life, caused by the down turn of U.S. economy. All is started when Lehman Brothers announced their bankruptcy, and then the domino effect took place.

As the whole world is still struggling to get back to where the economy was once, there are plenty of people show different expression when dealing with the inevitable stress. The most easy to see is the expression of the brokers, who deal with the up and down of stocks on the trading floor.

Strangely enough, there's a site now which dedicate itself to post pictures of those poor traders' facial expressions; called "The Brokers with Hands on Their Face Blog."

Found it via Switched, and Tim Stevens who posted it share a little bit of wisdom: "The pictures are humorous for sure and it's hard to stifle a chuckle while scrolling through, but don't laugh too hard -- have you looked at your 401(k) lately?" ;-p

As for me, I have another useful purpose when I collected those pictures. I use them as wallpaper for my Treo, and change them every now and then; so I'll have memorabilia wallpapers of what have happened. I also pasted the good pics together, and use them as one giant wallpaper for my desktop PC.

How about you? Have you found one that you like most? ;-)

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

BlackBerry Storm Hands-On First Impressions by CrackBerry

Kevin Michaluk from CrackBerry has finally got his hands-on the BlackBerry Storm, which he had been dying to get. And I'd say he has make up for the "tardiness", by produced one of the complete & thorough reviews on the BB Storm I've ever read on the net.

I'll cut to the chase, Kevins' verdict on the BB Storm is: "With its easy to type on touchscreen keyboard, the Storm is just as effective as any other BlackBerry for the work day, but with the benefits of a BIG ‘ole touchscreen isn't about to call it quits when happy hour begins. ---

--- One of the inevitable questions that will pop up in the comments to this post are "So Kevin, are you going to switch to the Storm or keep using your Bold?" In anticipation of the question, my first response is I DON'T KNOW!!!, my second response is DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE! and my third response is AH HELL, JUST GIVE ME BOTH!"

Head on to CrackBerry blog page to see more pictures, and of course to read the complete review. In the mean time, you can watch the video of a first time Storm User typing on its touchscreen keyboard that I've embedded below this post. Enjoy!

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Wishing the best of luck for BlackBerry’s own “App Store”

Before we get down and dirty into the main issue, few of you might be wondering why I still calling Research In Motion’s (RIM) new application store as BlackBerry “App Store”, instead of the previously known as App Center (complete with leaked screenshots).

In fact, RIM now calls it as BlackBerry Storefront. RIM co-founder and co-CEO Mike Lazaridis himself announced it, at the first Blackberry Developers Conference before the 700 registered developers.

So, not until the so called BlackBerry Storefront is out & running; I’m sticking with the famously known name that’s pioneered by Apple: App Store. Why? Well, it’s like the iPhone-ghost that every mobile manufacturer is chasing to beat it. So is Apple’s App Store, Android is trying to topple it down with Market, while RIM is trying to catch up too.

Too late, bad timing?

Everybody is saying that RIM is taking its time to make the BlackBerry application store to mature and ready for grand opening, but at the same time this act of conduct creates a bigger gap for RIM to jump over in order to catch on Apple’s App Store.

Not to mention, Google’s Android is already shipping its first handset; the T-Mobile’s G1, and already started the Market up and running. Although the Market is currently only offering limited & free apps, we know it’ll soon grow numbers as time fly by.

But most importantly, the BlackBerry applications store won’t launch until March 2009 as revealed at the recent BlackBerry Developer Conference. This could indeed fires back at RIM, and hurt the intended BlackBerry handset sales which is equipped with the application store link in it.

RIM said to be concentrating BlackBerry application store for consumers (not businesses), with applications such as AOL, Facebook, MySpace, Gmail, Hotmail and Flickr. "The introduction of more consumer-friendly features in Blackberry smartphones has clearly helped generate a groundswell of interest with new developers that has already resulted in the introduction of thousands of consumer and lifestyle oriented applications for BlackBerry smartphones," Lazaridis said.

Different company, different policy; but which way?

While Apple is asking 30% share of every app sold in its App Store, and Google claims not to ask for revenue when the Market is launched; RIM is demanding 20% share of every sale made.

RIM is currently working with PayPal to integrate its payment system into the store as well as with its carrier partners to provide an alternative to the online store.

If the revenue policy is set, RIM has yet to make up its mind on how to screen the apps that want to get inside its application store. Apple is using iron grip policy for its App Store, while Google promotes openness for its Android’s Market screening policy. We all have our own pros and cons, when comparing those two policies. Both have their own advantages and drawbacks too, none is perfect… yet.

But there’s a shed of light on where RIM is taking the BlackBerry application store, RIM requires developers to adhere to four basic principles of Blackberry development: Bandwidth, capacity, performance and battery life. For example, if developers push for high broadband speeds, the capacity drops. The restrictions don’t stop there, for organizations that have deployed BlackBerry Enterprise Server or BlackBerry Professional Software will retain control of what applications can be downloaded to BlackBerry smartphones within their corporate deployments.

With so many curbs to follow, the personal users might not as pleased as enterprise/corporate users; and the most pleased and the one who got the most benefit from those kinda restrictions is network/IT administrators.

How about the new trend: ‘kill switch’?

Apple halfheartedly admitted the ‘kill switch’ capability in its new iPhone 3G or iPhone 2.0, and Google officially disclosed the feature in its Android platform. RIM is likely to follow suit with the same feature.

It comes natural when the reason is feared and shared by all of them; like Jack Gold of J. Gold Associates told TG Daily in an email interview: "How will they get sorted out in the application store? Bad applications could easily take down a phone, which could be deadly in such a personal form factor."

But it is too soon to tell, whether the horror will come true or not. Till now, we haven’t heard any complaint from App Store users about that kinda attack from bad apps. So all we can do right now, is hope for the best of luck for all of them (and us too).

Sources are from:

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Gmail Manager for Firefox

Who's got more than 2 Gmail accounts, please stand-up or raise your hand?

If you're standing up, or raised your hand spontaneously; then you're one greedy Gmail addict! ~LOL~

But I guess it's normal nowadays, if a person had more than 1-2 Gmail accounts. Aside it's free and full of great features, it has become one of the must have email account both for business & for personal use.

But maybe your reason is the same as Rick Broida's from PC World: "Hey, Google makes the rules, not me. Gmail accounts are free, and there's no limit on how many a single person can have." ;-p

Rick has found a better way to manage those many Gmail accounts that you have, it is called Gmail Manager. And right now, it's only for Firefox web browser. Here's the list of what the Gmail Manager can do for you:
  • Manage multiple Gmail accounts
  • Receive new mail notifications
  • Support for Gmail hosted accounts
  • Ability to import/export account preferences
  • Tooltip with account details and new mail snippets
  • One-click access for loading your Gmail account
  • Mailto: links detection
  • Quick mail compose for Gmail accounts
  • Customizable icon placement in the toolbar/statusbar

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab it, and then subscribe for more Gmail accounts that you've been wanting to have but affraid to burden you too much... ~LOL~

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Funny ad: Lost in Google, found in Yahoo?

I was just browsing endlessly last night, when suddenly a small ad located on the corner of a web page caught my attention...

The first image shown is a milk package with a picture of a man on it, and with these lines: "LOST. Last seen: Searching Google for music videos. -- Missing since breakfast."

In a few seconds after I saw the first image, I was wondering what could this ad be talking about? A new Google's on-line ad? But after the next image showed up with these lines, I got it: "Don't get lost in all the links. Try Yahoo! Search." ~LOL~

When Microsoft is fighting with Apple over the PC vs. Mac ads, it seems there's another small war took place between Yahoo and Google. They're fighting over what they do best; Microsoft/Apple is in the battle for best OS, while Yahoo/Google is fighting for the best search engine.

Who do you think will win? Personally, I don't care that much. But as long as they're fighting each others, it sure is fun to watch. Right? ;-p

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Palm's Nova OS rumor tidbit

Now for this news, you must treat it as aesthetically as rumor only. There ain't much of facts or sources to support it, but since we all are waiting for Palm to release the ultimate sucessor of its old Palm OS/Garnet OS, so I guess we'll just gulp it down in one hungry greedy-draught of addiction. ;-p

TamsPalm blog is reporting that there's a PEF member has just posted the following bit of info after trying to get his broken Treo 680 repaired:

"I went to the local AT&T store here in CT and they couldn’t help me obtain a new one, and tried to sell me on a Centro (2G, yecch!). Then the salesperson hinted that I should hold off on buying a new PalmOS-based Palm, because he was recently sent to an all-day training where there was a Palm rep there who demoed and trained them on how to use, market and sell the “new” Palm devices coming at the end of the year. The AT&T person I spoke with said it is nothing like anything that’s already out there, including the iPhone or Android. I pushed for more details, and he said it wasn’t the device from ACCESS. ---

--- So that piqued my interest quite a bit… and I’ve decided to hold off upgrading my Treo 680 for the next few months, but I need to replace the one I have

What could it be? Are you getting excited? For me, I must agree with Tam Hanna on responding to such rumor; that no matter how small is the rumor about Palm, we'll always appreciate the positive ones.

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Is this the next gen of Palm OS if Access still make it for Palm?

For those who never use Palm OS-based devices, never have to care about the aging mobile OS. Because indeed it is old looking, and lack of the needed cutting-edge new features to compete with todays most wanted mobile phone such as iPhone & G1 Android. But for those who have made contact with the once popular mobile OS, they know how reliable it is, and how good it could've become if just Palm continue to develop it.

First of all, I'm using the Palm OS name instead of Garnet OS; which Access now calls it after acquired PalmSource. Because I always root for the underdog, and because deep within my heart I still longing to see the rise of Palm OS. Palm has made gorgeous devices such the Centro & Treo Pro, and now all it need is an ass-kicking mobile platform to complete the transformation.

Caught the news from BGR that Access has been working on v3.0 of its Linux Platform, and judging from the screenshots; it got the edge to excel above others. Here's the rest of the report: In addition to ALP v3.0, Access is releasing ALP mini which is a similar OS for low-end smartphones or non-phone devices like PMPs, MIDs, UMPCs, Internet tablets, and the like.

The new ALP v3.0 user interface sure is looking much like the old Palm OS, aside from the many features the most important is its application environments:
  • Native application development for the ACCESS Linux Platform includes GTK+ and the Hiker Application Framework™
  • Garnet™ VM allows properly written Garnet OS (formerly Palm OS) applications to run unaltered on an ACCESS Linux Platform mobile device
  • Java VM, JV-Lite™2 Wireless Edition software, including popular JSR modules including JSR 179 (location), JSR 135 (mobile media), and JSR 185 (wireless profile)

Head on to BGR page, for more detailed news & screenshots. And get ready to dream on for Palm's upcoming Nova OS... ;-)

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