Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today's off topic quickie: Fallout 3 finally out

Ready to get out from your nuclear bunker, grab a shotgun and blast off those nasty mutant creatures on the post-apocalyptic waste land? Or perhaps you rather spend the rest of your day in the bunker leisurely laying down and getting nuke-radiation burn, while sipping down a glass full of rad-pack...? ;-)

One of my favorite games of all time; Fallout. Has just been launched at midnight on October 27 in most of U.S. big cities, and the gamers who have been waiting forever for the third installment are now paid off.

This Fallout 3 is nothing like the second, which I've played so many times when I was at college, this one has stunning 3D graphics. It's no wonder because the developer behind Fallout 3, is Bethesda; maker of the famous Oblivion game.

I can't have enough words to praise the game, and you can witness youself by visiting the gallery page. But for you who wanted for a quick pace game and jump straight ahead into lots of actions, you might get dissapointed, cuz Fallout 3 is more like plot-driven RPG which usually become more enjoyable when you play longer in time.

But in the game, you can expect plenty of blood-gore scenes from blowing the enemies with large guns. Although you shouldn't hope to see green fields with trees & flowers around the game's environment, what you'll get is the opposite; a post-nuclear land filled with destroyed rusty buildings which is pretty depressing for some happy-time gamers.

In the end, if you managed to push those inside your stomach and waste hours with the game; you'll soon find yourself playing one of the most awaited games of the year. In fact, Fallout 3 has been rumored to be resurrected long since the second installment. That's why it's now gaining so much attention from every hardcore playing gamers around the globe...

For me, I'm just gonna wait till I can afford a computer with a fast quad-core processor, a powerful graphic card, an eye-popping 17" monitor and a month off from work before I'll able to play it. ~LOL~ Maybe I'll get a better chance, if I pray for a stripped down mobile version of the Fallout 3 game meant for mobile phone? If that ever happen, then I can see my favorite character again from the Fallout game; the PipBoy! I'm already using him as my Treo's wallpaper. ;-D

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