Monday, October 27, 2008

Keanu Reeves walks the line

Here's a little off topic from the tech & gadgets news, it's been awhile since I posted a news about Hollywood celebrities. I believe you and me are entitled for a refreshing news after a long busy Monday. ;-p

Keanu Reeves was seen strolling out and about on London street, he was asking directions to Geo F. Trumper, which known as "London's favorite barber and perfumer since 1875." It's a sight for sore eyes, to see a celebrity make a casual errand like common people do. And so as "the Matrix" star was crossing the street, the photogs took few snap of pictures while he was on the white stripes.

Instantly, the pictures reminded me of the Beattle's most famous cover album (inset picture). ;-)

And did Keanu find what he's looking for? Oh you betcha, he walked out of the store with a bag which inside are $100 worth of specialty shaving creams for his 'scruffy' chin. And of course, along with a little smile of success on his face. After all, he found the store location with the oldest trick before GPS invented: by asking people around! ~LOL~

Source is from Bauer Griffin.

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