Thursday, February 28, 2008

Google Sites officially launched

This is what probably Microsoft is scared about Google; on this Wednesday Google released a new web-based service called "Google Sites". What's all the fuss that make Microsoft (MS) feeling etchy about this new service from Google? Google Sites works just like MS SharePoint program, where users can collaborate their applications and emails together. In laymans term (for you who even never know what SharePoint is) it's a place where you can sync your documents, spreadsheets, emails, calenders, etc. -the list can still go on- with other people who have the same access. MS SharePoint is not well known for common computer users, because it's quite expensive and the main target are corporates / enterprise companies. So Google moves to barge into Microsoft's comfortable specialized market, is going to reduce (slow but steady) the software giant's share of profit.

As what the New York Times article mentioned; "Many businesses remain leery of putting their applications and data on servers they don’t control...", Google Sites won't have much of an impact yet to MS SharePoint. But as Google improves this web-based service, people will be drawn by it's main attraction: it's free! Well, time will tell for sure. But for now Google Sites is truly a blessing for end users who are looking for ways to sync their calendars & schedules with friends and families, no more miss-appoinment in the future.

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I'm a winner!!!

Congratulations to David Fuller for winning (one of the most wanted) prize giveaways from Sammy/PalmAddict: MackBook Air! ~big applause~ And I would like to thank Sammy & PalmAddict for the HTC Touch that I won from the one-day only giveaway. I kinda felt like an Oscar winner who give thank speech on the podium ;-)

I'm really-really surprised to know that I've won, because of a busy weekend and the problems I had with my Treo, I actually almost too late to know that Sammy was giving away a HTC Touch just for one day. I had a very short time to come up with a blog and posted it on PalmAddict. I had no high hopes to win anything, because I know I'm not good in winning lottery or something like that; so I didn't even check who have won the MacBook Air or the HTC Touch. As always I read the PalmAddict RSS news from up (newest) to the bottom (oldest), but from yesterday I was so busy that I only could read few newest posts; and unfortunately the winner post is located at almost the bottom row. So when late at night I was finally going to rest, I remembered to continue read them all and very surprised to know that I won! I laughed quite hard and rub my eyes, just in case I was too tired and hallucinate my name on the post ;-p, but this is real.

Wow, I hope my post here can show every PalmAddict readers that Sammy's giveaways are real; and everyone could be the winner. Just keep on participate by sending your mobile experiences & thoughts, and who knows maybe you'll be the next winner!
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Working as you commute

A very good editorial from Chris Kanaracus, in PC World article, says: "Humans have gone to the moon and made a laptop less than an inch thick, but they still can't make the trains run on time." Those lines really described the truth happening in big cities, such as NYC & Massachusets. If you're one of the commuters who uses public mass-transportations, then you must know how it feels when you're late to work and must do some works before you steps your feet on the office. Finding a seat is hard enough, so "a laptop is not good enough without a lap." (quoted). You'll finally rely on your smartphones to do the jobs while one of your hand is grabbing that pole.
The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority has put at least one coach of train to be equipped with WiFi (only up to 12 users so far) so workers on train can make use of coach's wireless internet than from their wireless operators, where signal bound to drop on some isolated areas. We all are surely can benefit from mobile apps available on the market and from web services, to widen the office space so we can work anywhere anytime. Your work hours already started at the time you enter your transportation to your work place!
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Google triumph once more in mobile market

Another new day is another new victory for Google, just few moments ago Opera have announced the end of their long contract with Yahoo! Inc. for their on-line service called OneSearch. And to replace absent of the search engine in Opera Mobile & Mini, is Google. OperaWatch deliver the article here.

Google have been supplying for 7 years as the main search engine for the Opera desktop browser, but for the mobile browser will become more fierce war along with Yahoo! OneSearch and Microsoft Live. Right now mobile phone owners are installing Opera Mobile or Mini as alternative to the built-in web broser, so far Opera has become a major player in this segment market. This will result is better for Google to dominate more over mobile search engine, and eventually comes along the mobile apps as well (such as Google Maps, Calendars, Readers, 2Go, etc.). But with the new upcoming Skyfire & Iris web browser, Opera should've move fast to improve their sluggish and limited web browsers. We're still waiting for Opera Mobile 9.5 to comes out, where Opera promises features from 3rd party script (such as Java, Ajax, Flash, etc.) to run natively in it to improve our web surfing experience on mobile phones.
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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

LingvoSoft’s products compability issue with Treo 750v

I always wanted to learn foreign languages, with LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary & Phrasebook 2008 I could do that and even on the go. Ever since I reviewed it back then, I had those apps installed in my Treo 750v and used it whenever I got the chance. But at the end of December 2007, I’ve realized an issue made by those LingvoSoft’s apps where they changed Treo screen resolution. What I meant is for an instance: if we’re about to save a Word Mobile document the Save and Cancel buttons were located way below the visible screen, thus making it impossible to tap on the desired button. I’m surprised to found out that the whole system was affected by this incident, and there’s nothing I can do to revert it back to the original state again. At first I doubted that those apps are the cause of the issue, when the Treo 750v is still fresh from the hard-reset; I installed those apps first before installing another apps. When I soft-reset the Treo to check, this issue happened again! I knew something is wrong with those apps, because after a heavy use of my Treo, those apps can’t be used as they should. The user interface window doesn’t displayed properly, sometimes it disappeared and can only be returned again with a soft-reset.
I already contacted LingvoSoft support through email that time, and I’ll quote exactly what the support team told me: “We’re aware of the compability problem with Windows Mobile platform, specially the additional foreign keyboard package, we’re working to resolve this issue…” But this has been since like the last month of December 2007, and until now I noticed they haven’t released a newer version or a patch file that fixes the issue at hand. This got me to be very pessimistic about LingvoSoft, aren’t they worried this kind of issue could scare away customers who purchased their products; specially the Windows Mobile device owners. Many who have bought LingvoSoft’s products probably are as satisfied as me with the vast and extensive library of each apps have, but what all of these compared to the stability of daily use?
I hope this post can give a heads up to you who have the same issue, but still wondering what caused it; try to check if you have LingvoSoft’s products installed. If so then you need to backup your WinMob mobile device right away, just for precautions. I’ve still give those apps few more weeks or months, but I’m very worried if someday I’ll have to hard-reset my Treo again…
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2 important steps you must know before restoring back your Treo

Everybody know how valuable a backup is for your mobile devices, but not all of us know exactly how to do it and what we must do in the process. Usually we realize we’ve missed some important steps when it’s already too late, like what have happened to me few days ago. I abused my Treo 750v with heavy use everyday, if you interested to know you can read it at previous post. So I tried to restore it back to the state it was before, I uses Spb Backup (great application, I’ve reviewed it) and made a full backup of Treo with all of it’s PIMs, installed apps and settings. My rejoice didn’t last long, not all of what I had before could be restored back.
Here are what I’ve did wrong:
1.) I encrypted the miniSD card with the built-in feature from WinMob 6. When I plug it into PC desktop, the Windows XP couldn’t recognize the contents; where all of the file icons showed a lock picture. I should’ve checked them first before I hard-reset the Treo, because the Treo couldn’t recognize the contents either after I’ve done the hard-reset. You shouldn’t encrypted your memory card, but if security is your main concern; then you should at least backup the contents using your encryption device first. But what will happened if your encryption device got broken too, then the memory card’s contents can’t be read by anyone including you!
2.) If you’ve made a full backup of your mobile phones, then you should never erase or even format the memory card. I made a mistake by thinking that the full backup file could restore back all of the program file folders where all of the installed apps were. When the full backup restore completed, I only could sighed deeply to know that all of the apps were not there anymore… You should just let the memory card stays at your Treo’s memory slot until the whole full backup finished.
I hope by sharing those stupid mistakes I made, others can avoid to have a disastrous backup experience.
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Saturday, February 23, 2008

The bad fruit

The fruits of doing heavy multi-tasking with my Treo 750v had cost me terrible result; couple of days ago it began to work & process everything very slowly. Like there are some kind of unknown applications kept Treo busy, even opening Word Mobile took third times of usual length. I tried to go along with these issues, but when I missed an important business call while I was writing a SMS; I couldn't take it anymore. That happened because WinMob 6 couldn't showed the incoming call, while the screen was stuck at SMS editor, even when I pushed the Windows start button didn't help.
I decided to hard-reset my Treo yesterday, where as standard backup procedures I pulled out the miniSD memory out from Treo and copied it to my PC; surely after I turned it off. After the hard-reset was successful, I plug in the miniSD back inside Treo; but only to found a surprising encrypted files in it that no WinMob 6 nor WindowsXP can read them. I remember activated the encryption of memory card feature in WinMob settings, this must be what caused the encrypted files. Sad with the lost of my blogs documents that I planned to post yesterday at PalmAddict, I realise I have to let them go cause there's nothing more I can do to bring them back.
Back to the main topic: what usually you got when you pound heavy use to your Treo 750? I love doing multi-task applications on my Treo 750v, like when I wrote my blogs I always go forth and back to Pocket IE & Lexisgoo English Dictionary; to find useful infos and find out what are the meaning of those never heard words. Or late at night, I play musics with PocketTunes and chat on-line with friends on IM+.
Treo has changed the way things I usually do with my PC/laptop, but I can't change the way I do multiple tasks with it or any computerized machines/gadgets. Multi-tasking is common thing in modern OS, WinMob is capable to that, but the only barrier is the hardwares capability to cope with it. I can only hope for better specifications on Palm newest Treo; codename "Drucker".
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Monday, February 18, 2008

Modern technology for presidential campaign

We always think that a presidential campaign has to be done in traditional way; the presidential candidate should meet & greet his/her supporters face to face, well at least in a party campaign or something like that. But a new approach has been made by Barack Obama’s campaign organizers; they use computer & internet technology so Obama could do that in virtual world. Nobody saw this will become a huge success, when this virtual presidential campaign started from just few months since last year 2007, they managed to raise campaign funds around US$500,000! Obama’s campaign organizers teamed up with web site to collect funds from supporters around the US, where believers usually give roughly around $10 to $25.

Another fine example of nowadays computer’s technology to use in this case is for FAQ database, where users can find almost anything about Barack Obama and his campaign goals. Again teaming up with 3rd party software developer: RightNow, around 1.3 million web visitors checked his website to check up on Obama’s background and how to get in touch with him. For instance two of top questions being asked every time: Q; How much is it to ask Obama to come and speak at our event? A; Nothing! Q; What church does Obama attend? A; Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. And so on…

The last and most significant role of internet over Obama’s presidential campaign rally is the spread of support through various social networking web sites. From Facebook, & MoveOn’s new Endorse-O-Thon Web tool, there have been more than 520,000 endorsement emails and messages! While others blog sites and open forums are not counted, those numbers still growing rapidly even now. Other presidential candidate, like Hillary Clinton, has begun to do the same like what Obama’s side has done. The power of internet social networking can’t be underestimated.
I can’t help but wonder when there’ll come the time I could do the presidential ballot from my Palm Treo, while comfortly sitting on a sofa and keep watching my favorite tv series…. “Right-now” I really wanted to know what is Obama’s mobile phone? I know Al Gore uses Treo 680.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Xperia X1 pimped with Windows Mobile 6.1

Yup, it's finally official: Xperia X1 gets Windows Mobile 6.1, aside the lack informations in it's official website. Gizmodo got the news (via via adonis demon via BGR, pheew... that's a long links), and a little bit more leaked info of the hardwares. It will be equipped with Qualcomm processor clocked at 528MHz (vroom! vrooom!), 128RAM & 1500mAh battery. Like what everybody have been guessing if you look at the screenshots of X1 screen UI, Sony Ericsson definetely cookep up the Windows Mobile 6 to meet with their own unique design.
Now when will we get the Windows Mobile 6.1 update for Treo 750, Palm??
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A wish for better mobile processor

While the battle of desktop & laptop processors have gone from one core to multiple cores, and up from 1GHz to 3.8GHz; the mobile processor is still haven't make a miracoluos jump even to 1GHz. The latest, but not yet to be released, is Samsung's mobile processor clocked at 667MHz (check my previous post here). Of course the mobile platform is to be blame first for the under-clocked mobile processor that hasn't been able to hit more than 1GHz, but from my personal oppinion it's the lack push from mobile industries that make it slow to produce competitive processors. Even though few players have threw in their products into mobile processors segment such as: ARM, Samsung, Intel, NVIDIA etc. But it seems they feel don't like to make the jump to 1GHz yet, the most cliche excuse is that mobile OS & softwares haven't needed that kind of power from their processors.
Lately I have found myself reset my Treo 750v for few times in the last week, mainly is not because it freezed but because one of the software I installed can't perform well after hard use of the Treo. When I asked the software developer, the support team answered honestly to point out that it's the device resources that make the software to malfunctioned; they recommend higher specs from newer device to run it well. Seems like they've many same complaints from other customers about this kind of issue, so the device's resources are to be blamed for.
It's my wildest hope for Palm to embedded a powerful processor into their next Treo lineups, with bigger RAM too of course. Specially when Palm Nova OS is out, where we all hope it can do real multi- tasks unlike the old Palm OS Garnet. But even right now they must've noticed how other OS have been made to handle various tasks to make mobile phones become mobile computers (read PA article about it here), eventually cuting-edge mobile processor is needed without questions.
We all are excited to watch how amazing are Apple to introduced slim-sexy MacBook Air (MBA), and Lenovo is about to announce X300 dubbed as MBA nemesis. The both companies managed to push incredible down-size laptop platform to be lessen to 20% than normal platforms, now that's what I call determination to be better than the others. And that will become their main asset to sell the new technology/device. Heck, MBA or X300 don't need anymore advertising; those babies sell by themselves as the thinnest in the world! Don't you want to challenge them, Palm?
This is just my random rambling on the end of the weekend, hope y'all have a great weekend!
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Friday, February 15, 2008

MackBook Air head to head with it's nemesis: Lenovo X300

Okay, I got to admit this post has nothing to do with mobile phone or whatsoever; but just take a look at picture and aren't you interested to know? Worth a look for you guys who love to stay up to date with the latest gadgets and for you who love MacBook Air (MBA). Up until now MBA is still the most sought after laptop for it's thin build like no other laptop ever made, but what we haven't know yet is that Lenovo has been working for around 20 months to build the thinnest laptop too: X300.

I'm not going to spoiled all the fun, you'll have to read the article about what really happened behind the made of Lenovo X300; read them at Engadget here and here.

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T-Mobile choose Motorola ROKR E8

After T-Mobile announcement to stop their contract with Google in May and replace it with Yahoo's, T-Mobile is taking another bold move by taking side with "rumoured-ill" Motorola. Motorola newest handset that was just announced at Mobile World Congress; (MWC) the ROKR E8 will take the lead of T-Mobile's 2008 handsets lineup.
ROKR brand is already hard to gain more popularity (compared to it's brethren sibling: RAZR) when it's first released way back years ago, but with new design and higher features; Motorola puts high hopes to gain better income and take their name back into game of mobil phone business market. Aimed fo younger audiences and music player usage, Motorola injected 2GB internal memory & A2DP audio port. But three distinctive features are expected to make ROKR E8 stands out amongst the crowded multimedia smarthones: unique body keypad (as seen in picture), FastScroll touch-sensitive navigation wheel and ModeShift lighting. Read on Boys Genius Report article here.
Personally I really like the unique body ROKR E8 has, it's a dare move to make it different from the others is worth more than a second look. But Motorola biggest hindrance is their choose of mobile OS, hope the investment in Android platform is going to be the answer to their prayer...
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BenQ T80 exploits NFC features

What's NFC? That's what I wanted to know too when I heard BenQ T80 features, NFC stands for Near Field Communication. The devices that use NFC chipset can access and execute informations stored within equipments that support DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) technology. Those equipments such as home entertainment centre, smart refrigerator system, sensoric air conditioner, etc. can be contacted from this BenQ T80. But for now, this baby is only limited to access home security system & electronic transport ticketing; as explained by Barry Dai, manager of product business management team, BenQ Corporation. The features can be done thanks to NXP SmartMX chip, and applications that are stored into microSD card so you're able to swap it if you wish to change handsets. Take a look at photos from Slashphone at here.
Lucky people at Farglory Land Development housing project in Taiwan will be invited to test drive this T80 handset. The specs of T80 is still scarce at this moment, but we do know these: Quad Band network, WiFi, 2.2" screen & 3.0 Megapixels camera; no price disclosed yet so far. PC World has more indepth story here.
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Battle for multimedia mobile processor is heating up

We’ll be seeing more and more powerful mobile phone processors that can do heavy multimedia tasks in the future, such as playing high-definition (HD) video on our mobile phone’s screen.
First to announced it’s fresh new mobile processor came from Samsung Electronics, according to PC World, Samsung is going to release a 667MHz (vroom! vroom!) processor with hardware acceleration for multimedia; this includes 3D graphics and MPEG4/H.264 video. They plan to release it to manufacturers in May 2008, and with compatibility for various OS (Linux, Windows Mobile, Symbian, etc.), this Arm based processor core will be able to meet with today device makers’ design.
On the other rivalry hands, NVIDIA is set to produce APX 2500: the first HD capable processor for Windows Mobile only (how about Palm Nova OS?), they say this chip based on ultra-power GeForce with features ranging from OpenGL ES 2.0 to Microsoft Direct 3D Mobile compliant. Which means APX 2500 capable to play 720p HD for roughly 10 hours. NVIDIA is working together with Microsoft for this one, but I really hope they’ll make it available for Linux OS too since Palm Nova OS is going to be released in 2009… (hurry up already Palm!)
And I can’t wait to see these babies on Palm’s devices.
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Microsoft is determined to acquire Yahoo! (part. 2)

When I’m about to wrap-up my coverage in Microsoft-Yahoo! bid, another news still regarding the Yahoo! have pop out in the net. One of the most shocking is that T-Mobile was cutting out their contract with Google to get the OneSearch engine from Yahoo!, starting on March this year the T-Mobile customers around Europe (11 countries so far) will have OneSearch engine as their default search application.
Although Yahoo! manages to triumph over this one battle with T-Mobile, Google has won another bigger battle which includes one of the biggest mobile phone manufacturers: Nokia. The statement was announced at Mobile World Congress (MWC) by Ilkka Raiskinen, Nokia's vice-president of software and services, this will take Google search engine to be integrated into Nokia’s own search application in Nokia phones which reach more than 100 countries spread all over the world.
If that’s not enough to add more burden in Yahoo! stockholders in their race against Microsoft’s will to acquire them, Yahoo! Inc. is starting to layoff up to 1000 employees on last Tuesday. “Chief Executive Jerry Yang last month forecast a tough 2008 year for the Sunnyvale, California-based company as he pledged to
reduce Yahoo's work force by around 7 percent. The company had 14,300 employees at the end of 2007.” as quoted by PC World article here.
So this is why Yahoo! Inc. was in talk with News Corp. about the possibility to continue their deal that went off last 18 months ago. According to Wall Street Journal; the last talk not long ago News Corp. demanded more than 20% stake of Yahoo! stocks, while Yahoo! will get some hard cash from the other side (no amount of money is disclosed yet).
We’ll have to wait for Yahoo! next step…
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The reason of RIM BlackBerry last system blackout

"A disruption of BlackBerry cellphones in North America for several hours Monday was caused by the failure of one of its recently upgraded systems, Research in Motion said Tuesday." (as quoted by Yahoo! News)

So there you have it, you could stop keep sending emails and messages to friends & coworkers to asked them if they too have the same problem. The Canadian based company said they never had problem like this whenever they upgraded their system, they points to a problem with an internal data routing system within the BlackBerry service infrastructure that had been recently upgraded. Hopefully this incident won't happen again...

(blogged with my Treo 750v) goes social networking

What made your head fell over the heel when you sees someone? Is it the face or the smile? If that's your answer, then you will certainly going to be excited to hear that is testing a Facebook app for social networking. Chief Executive Thomas Enraght-Moony told Reuters; "We're extending Match to wherever people are..", which give me a sudden chill on the back of my neck. I can't imagine how easy it'll become to do a search for your soul mate while social networking in the future, it's like killing two mosquitos with one clap of palms. And all in all you can do it on the go with your mobile phone, imagine this: you found the one you like by his/her smile when you're sitting on the subway train, but you actually sees the smile at your mobile phone's screen!
Afterwards that's when is planning to get in, you use it's service to hook you up with the one you see fit. Quick and easy, where you could say you're looking for friends instead of obviously asking for a date (chuckle). "People are unwilling to admit that they're looking!" said Moony, I say he's right and we all (the single ones only) needed to look deep inside ourselves; is that why I have a hard time to meet the one for me?
The Reuters got the whole story right here. (blogged with my Treo 750v)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Adobe launches 3 new Flash products

Maybe this one doesn't get anyone much attention, since Adobe newest releases are for developers & OEMs interest only. They are: Flash Home, Flash Cast 2 & Flash Lite 3.

Flash Home; is for developers & OEMs to create a customized user interface (UI) for their own branded mobile phones that fit into the screen's resolution. Using Adobe's Flash engine, mobile UI can be as appealing as website's view.

Flash Cast 2; is targeted for wireless operators to deliver updated contents over the air (OTA). Adobe said that their technology have been used successfully by NTT DoCoMo, Japan. Again they emphasis that with Adobe's Flash engine; wireless operators can make rich and intuitive user interface that meets with today standards.

Flash Lite 3; is like a SDK kit for either mobile device manufacturers, operators and content providers to make close replicates the desktop experience like in your desktop IE. Nokia already jumped into the boat working with Adobe for their N95 series.

Looks like Adobe is moving along fine with every mobile platforms very well, from Symbian OS, Qualcomm® BREW® 2.x/3.x and Microsoft® Windows® Mobile® 5. For you who own Pocket PC mobile phones, you can get the Flash Player download here, works fine on my Treo 750v.

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Microsoft is determined to acquire Yahoo! (part. 1)

Microsoft is going to be more aggressive now after Yahoo! officially rejected the software giant's offer not long ago; they plan to offer straight to Yahoo! shareholders directly. Such act can be consider as "hostile" takeover, according to PC World here. Their first offer was holding at $31 per share of stocks, and their new offer is speculated will be around $35. This number is getting closer to what Yahoo! wanted in the first place: $40 per share, although at previous press meeting Microsoft said their first offer is "generous" enough to persuade Yahoo! stockholders to join their march against Google empire.
What is Yahoo! real intention when they decided not to take Microsoft's "generous" offer? Some analysts say that Yahoo! is only wish to raise Microsoft bid price to their demand, they even went to see AOL & Google to start sending messages to Microsoft that they have other options. Yahoo! certainly is playing the correct cards right now, after Microsoft announced their bid to take over Yahoo!, Yahoo!'s stock price went up till now while Microsoft's went the other way. But another sign of Yahoo! talks with AOL & Google mean something else; Yahoo! is thinking just exactly what Microsoft is thinking to fight Google's ever growing influence in internet services.
Yahoo! certainly have reach their limit to develop newer innovative and competing internet services, while Microsoft is clueless on what to do to compete with Google (please read my previous post about their fights). For quick instance: nowadays I hardly have friends that use Yahoo! Mail anymore, all of them are converting into Gmail already (maybe you too?) If they join forces together, they can match Google's prowess and maybe even take over internet services for their own. Indeed it'll take longer time when they actually did the join-forces team-mate, both side have their own organisation's structure/hierarchy that need to be synchronized before they can move on together. We're talking roughly around 2-3 years of an actual result after (if it's going to happen) the merger, so Steve Balmer-Microsoft is seeing long way ahead of the future of internet market. What will be and where Microsoft's stand against growing Google empire, the once strong old empire could be shadowed by the new one in the matter of years to come.
Personally I'd like to see competition between Google, Microsoft & Yahoo! Because with others trying to gain customers with their products/services, the others will do the same with better ones (in theory). We all know what happened back then when Intel reign as a single company that dominate processor chip market, before AMD arrived. It'd be best for end users, like you & me, to have those big boys compete each other. Better products/services at lower price can be achieved, just look at Microsoft Office, because no other dominant same product in that market; Microsoft can put high tag price for every Office Suites. While the alternative open source office aplications are not yet at the same level with Office Suites, relying only on freelance programmers to fix & develop it is taking way too long to catch up.(blogged with my Treo 750v)

Draw what you say with PhatPad 4.4

There's a time when I can't type down an important note even with my two thumbs ready to jot down with Treo 750 tacky QWERTY keyboard, either the other person talking to me is too fast or he/she needs to draw a picture; like to show a direction or something else. That's when I started to found PhatPad v4.4 and installed it into my trusty Treo 750v, it's a good writing & drawing application that works with WinMob 6.
From adding a picture, sound, alarm and memo. There's it's brethen application to recognize your hand writing and convert it into texts, but you need to install the application seperately. With plug-in like that, can proof to be very useful for news reporters who need to write fast documents at site.
I mostly use PhatPad for drawing pictures, one thing that WinMob 6 built-in Notes uncapable of. I found it to be very handy, like few days ago at the construction site I described to the worker there how I wanted the jobs to be done. They immediately understand what I meant, all thanks to the drawings. Usually it takes longer when I just talked it out, and have troubles to draw since there are no papers & pen when you need one.
This kinda application should have been bundled with Treo all along from the box.
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Microsoft is determined to acquire Yahoo! (part. 1)

The biggest offer and trade is off after Yahoo! finally answered Microsoft's $44,6 billion bid, with conclusion that the software giant's offer is undervalued Yahoo! Many of you who follow through the whole story since Microsoft official press at Febr 1st, and you who don't even care for such thing, can't avoid the story because like it or not the news from newspaper to web sites covered it like crazy.
Many have doubt on internet independent, because if Yahoo! is to merged with Microsoft, the software giant can easily dictate internet way of life. Although Microsoft have stated many times, that they're doing everything they can to overcome Google's ever growing prowess over internet. This latest step from Microsoft is yet another sign their incompetence to compete with Google, they may have reign on OS but slumped on internet services. For those who live outside the US may have feel what I meant there, not many are willing to rely on Microsoft's Live search engine but they're usually quick to use Google's. No matter how many times I tried Live search engine, it can't give me good results as good as Google's, Google also keep on releasing new on-line services over these years. Like Google Earth, Microsoft desperately try to copy-cat it with their own MS Visual Earth mapping service. The outcome of the battle is like the previous one; more and more people rely on Google's than Microsoft's, even Google Locations service is now have becoming standard application in every mobile phones. Newest update was Microsoft acquired a 3D company called Caligari, to improve their Visual Earth service, read the news here.
No matter what kind of products Microsoft is releasing, seems like they couldn't delivered them as the best in the market. But with their product that is most anticipated & most rumoured to be released soon: Surface, things are looking much better for them in the future. From the failed iPod-killer (aka. Zune) to nobody want to upgrade their OS (aka. Vista); Microsoft need to prove their billion of dollars cash fund is something to be taken serious instead of becoming the joke of the sillicon valley. Let's hope Microsoft CEO Chris Liddel can delivered more finer results than his predescessor, specially after he spend so many Microsoft's money since his assigment.
Who knows perhaps, Liddel will sets his eyes on the struggling Palm...?
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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cheaper 3G cell phones from Nokia

Nokia is known for releasing newer phones faster than we could remember their phones code numbers, apparently the newest one is going to be numbered 3120 plus "Classic" name tag along with it. It's another low cost 3G cell phone, according to their press release, it'll bear:
- 3G network
- 2" QVGA
- 2 Megapixels camera & one VGA at front
- 4GB internal memory
- expandable with microSD card
For more details look at their article here.
What really gotten into my skin is this 3120 Classic will be priced for only 150 Euro (around US$223), that quite cheap consider those features this baby holds inside. Big vendors like Nokia is leading the way to make 3G network accessed by everyone, with cheaper 3G cell phone models are coming out every now and then; we'll be facing 4G network in no time.
Apple should have released 3G iPhone already, it's the most cutting-edge cell phone right now in the market. But how about Palm, I do hope they'll make their next Palm OS (aka. Nova) available for 3G network, having Treo 680 only able to reach EDGE network shows how old the device been.
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Monday, February 4, 2008

Intelius controversial service is ahead of our time

Not many of you ever heard of Intelius Inc. and it's service; which basically act like a public phone book for everyone to see. So your name & cellphone numbers can be searched and known to anybody, anywhere since it's an internet based service.Many have spoken their strong oppinion against Intelius, from Verizon to Consumer Action group; saying this kind of service is a violation to American's privacy. Although according to Intelius Inc. there's no such law to forbidden a 3rd party company to compile cellphone directories without user's consent! Now that's quite a found, nobody have ever thought about that.But what I really more care is Intelius' service: a complete directories of cellphones, where you can look up everyone like when you're looking for someone or companies in a Yellow Book. It's like what we've seen in every futuristic movies, everyone can be found and tracked down easily so nobody can be lost again. Of course this can also comes to a bad result if bad people use such service...So Intelius idea to go ahead of our time has come to an end, they announced to shut down their service just three days after Verizon Wireless threatened to sue them legally. Read the whole story at msnbc.

BlackBerry addiction could unbalance your life

This is true as it sounds, just like when someone is addicted to smoking or alcohol and then he/she deny it in anyway they can. The newest digital addiction is not games anymore, it’s BlackBerry. According to Richard Fadden –deputy minister of Canada- the extensive use of BlackBerry even after work hours is lowering the owner’s Work/Life balance, that’s why he’s sending a memo to his employees to turn off their BlackBerries from 7pm-7am and on Holidays. This kind of addiction even has already it’s own name: CrackBerries.
Read on PCW Business Center

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Trade your privacy for faster web browsing?

No, no, this isn’t the Microsoft’s offer for free Windows Vista that trades off your privacy while you’re using it. I’m talking about the new-hyped web browser that lately has been the most talk about at the mobile community: Skyfire web browser. We all have been wondering what’s the secret of Skyfire magical super-fast to display all of the web contents in your Windows Mobile devices, just like when you first watch a magic trick and amazed like a 10 years old boy/girl. Ed Hardy from Brighthand has been able to test, review and learn what is behind the Skyfire’s secret recipe.
What really happen when you open Skyfire web browser, is that you actually open & download the web you’re seeing directly from Skyfire’s servers. Ed Hardy really underlined the users’ security privacy, since all of the data you input with the Skyfire web browser will be recorded at it’s servers as well. I totally agree, we’re talking about sensitive data from simple one to the most sensitive ones, all will remain even though you logout or close Skyfire browser. Do you trust Skyfire company to hold all of those, with or without your consent? Read Ed Hardy article in full
If the spoiler I mentioned above still don’t scare you, and you’re wondering impatiently when the Skyfire browser will be available for other OS such as Palm or Symbian; then you’re going have to wait much-much longer. I’ll quote what Nitin Bhandari –Skyfire CEO- said at XDA-Developers
“After Windows Mobile, we will support the Symbian platform... – starting with Nokia N-Series and E-series phones –... To set your expectations, this could take a couple of months as we continue development and testing. For all you Blackberry, Palm and Linux users, we hear you. Please continue to sign up, but know the wait will be longer.”
So, are you willing to trade off your privacy now?

Windows Mobile 6.1 Beta released

It's an early heads-up for Windows Mobile device users or let's say Pocket PC users, the latest update is WinMo 6.1 in Beta version. Although this one is supposedly to be announce at 3GSM event on February 11-14 tomorrow, those brave souls who dare to try the Beta version can grab it over here.
Just remember not to rely much of compability with your device, since it's still in development. And WinMob 6.1 only offers few minor improvements to your existing WinMob 6, the notable features as the development teams mentioned are such as: threaded SMS conversation, Pocket IE zoom & my most favourite is OneNote application. The OneNote is to make quick notes and record voices instantly, another built-in application in Windows Mobile OS so you don’t have to install similar 3rd party application (if you’re satisfied with it’s limited features).
Judging it's still in Beta version, and you know how slow Microsoft usually release another version, I wonder if WinMob 6.1 could make it to 3GSM conventient. To tell you the truth, I'm a little dissapointed that there's no "Carousel" UI in the Beta version. Which means this UI that has been used in Palm Centro, isn't going to be available as we all have expecting it would be. Somehow I also can't put much hope if Palm is willing to design that "Carousel" UI (based on WinMob 6.1) specially just for their Treo 750 smartphones.
It's still feel so fresh in our memory, how long Treo 700w & 750 users are complaining for an update into WinMob 6. The same will goes for this one... The most possible to happen is that Palm will offer the new Palm Drucker with this WinMob 6.1 update pre-installed in it. We still hope Palm can understand how we all love to have an option to do an upgrade, even though not all are going to have it. But this will surely become a nice bait for new & old customers, Palm need to regain their lost loyal customers back. A swift simple actions can do the trick, for instance a quick availability for newest update.
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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Do it yourself, Palm

PalmInfoCenter just posted the "Yes Virginia, there's a new Palm OS" from PCMag; which Sammy also have posted before. I just want to re-cap what's inside the article, specially what Stephane Maes -Palm's director of product management- said in it: "When we did some of our best things is when we had everything under one roof,..." That got me remembered what Steve Jobs said about his Apple's Mac OS back then, he said exactly the same, mentioning (in Steve's style as you can imagine) that it would be a big mess if a company create the hardwares but rely on other companies on the OS. He's referring to Microsoft and Linux, where there've been so many new bugs and compability problems lurk somewhere each time a new fix released.
It seems Maes also share the same oppinion like Steve's there, and I do believe it's true. Palm should've done working on their Palm Nova OS a very long time ago, instead of gave it up to ACCESS. After read the PCMag article and how Maes described a little about Palm Nova OS, fans of Palm should rejoice a bit because it looks promising -fingers crossed-.
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