Sunday, February 3, 2008

Trade your privacy for faster web browsing?

No, no, this isn’t the Microsoft’s offer for free Windows Vista that trades off your privacy while you’re using it. I’m talking about the new-hyped web browser that lately has been the most talk about at the mobile community: Skyfire web browser. We all have been wondering what’s the secret of Skyfire magical super-fast to display all of the web contents in your Windows Mobile devices, just like when you first watch a magic trick and amazed like a 10 years old boy/girl. Ed Hardy from Brighthand has been able to test, review and learn what is behind the Skyfire’s secret recipe.
What really happen when you open Skyfire web browser, is that you actually open & download the web you’re seeing directly from Skyfire’s servers. Ed Hardy really underlined the users’ security privacy, since all of the data you input with the Skyfire web browser will be recorded at it’s servers as well. I totally agree, we’re talking about sensitive data from simple one to the most sensitive ones, all will remain even though you logout or close Skyfire browser. Do you trust Skyfire company to hold all of those, with or without your consent? Read Ed Hardy article in full
If the spoiler I mentioned above still don’t scare you, and you’re wondering impatiently when the Skyfire browser will be available for other OS such as Palm or Symbian; then you’re going have to wait much-much longer. I’ll quote what Nitin Bhandari –Skyfire CEO- said at XDA-Developers
“After Windows Mobile, we will support the Symbian platform... – starting with Nokia N-Series and E-series phones –... To set your expectations, this could take a couple of months as we continue development and testing. For all you Blackberry, Palm and Linux users, we hear you. Please continue to sign up, but know the wait will be longer.”
So, are you willing to trade off your privacy now?

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