Sunday, February 3, 2008

Windows Mobile 6.1 Beta released

It's an early heads-up for Windows Mobile device users or let's say Pocket PC users, the latest update is WinMo 6.1 in Beta version. Although this one is supposedly to be announce at 3GSM event on February 11-14 tomorrow, those brave souls who dare to try the Beta version can grab it over here.
Just remember not to rely much of compability with your device, since it's still in development. And WinMob 6.1 only offers few minor improvements to your existing WinMob 6, the notable features as the development teams mentioned are such as: threaded SMS conversation, Pocket IE zoom & my most favourite is OneNote application. The OneNote is to make quick notes and record voices instantly, another built-in application in Windows Mobile OS so you don’t have to install similar 3rd party application (if you’re satisfied with it’s limited features).
Judging it's still in Beta version, and you know how slow Microsoft usually release another version, I wonder if WinMob 6.1 could make it to 3GSM conventient. To tell you the truth, I'm a little dissapointed that there's no "Carousel" UI in the Beta version. Which means this UI that has been used in Palm Centro, isn't going to be available as we all have expecting it would be. Somehow I also can't put much hope if Palm is willing to design that "Carousel" UI (based on WinMob 6.1) specially just for their Treo 750 smartphones.
It's still feel so fresh in our memory, how long Treo 700w & 750 users are complaining for an update into WinMob 6. The same will goes for this one... The most possible to happen is that Palm will offer the new Palm Drucker with this WinMob 6.1 update pre-installed in it. We still hope Palm can understand how we all love to have an option to do an upgrade, even though not all are going to have it. But this will surely become a nice bait for new & old customers, Palm need to regain their lost loyal customers back. A swift simple actions can do the trick, for instance a quick availability for newest update.
(blogged from my Treo 750v)

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