Saturday, February 2, 2008

Do it yourself, Palm

PalmInfoCenter just posted the "Yes Virginia, there's a new Palm OS" from PCMag; which Sammy also have posted before. I just want to re-cap what's inside the article, specially what Stephane Maes -Palm's director of product management- said in it: "When we did some of our best things is when we had everything under one roof,..." That got me remembered what Steve Jobs said about his Apple's Mac OS back then, he said exactly the same, mentioning (in Steve's style as you can imagine) that it would be a big mess if a company create the hardwares but rely on other companies on the OS. He's referring to Microsoft and Linux, where there've been so many new bugs and compability problems lurk somewhere each time a new fix released.
It seems Maes also share the same oppinion like Steve's there, and I do believe it's true. Palm should've done working on their Palm Nova OS a very long time ago, instead of gave it up to ACCESS. After read the PCMag article and how Maes described a little about Palm Nova OS, fans of Palm should rejoice a bit because it looks promising -fingers crossed-.
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