Monday, February 4, 2008

Intelius controversial service is ahead of our time

Not many of you ever heard of Intelius Inc. and it's service; which basically act like a public phone book for everyone to see. So your name & cellphone numbers can be searched and known to anybody, anywhere since it's an internet based service.Many have spoken their strong oppinion against Intelius, from Verizon to Consumer Action group; saying this kind of service is a violation to American's privacy. Although according to Intelius Inc. there's no such law to forbidden a 3rd party company to compile cellphone directories without user's consent! Now that's quite a found, nobody have ever thought about that.But what I really more care is Intelius' service: a complete directories of cellphones, where you can look up everyone like when you're looking for someone or companies in a Yellow Book. It's like what we've seen in every futuristic movies, everyone can be found and tracked down easily so nobody can be lost again. Of course this can also comes to a bad result if bad people use such service...So Intelius idea to go ahead of our time has come to an end, they announced to shut down their service just three days after Verizon Wireless threatened to sue them legally. Read the whole story at msnbc.

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