Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cheaper 3G cell phones from Nokia

Nokia is known for releasing newer phones faster than we could remember their phones code numbers, apparently the newest one is going to be numbered 3120 plus "Classic" name tag along with it. It's another low cost 3G cell phone, according to their press release, it'll bear:
- 3G network
- 2" QVGA
- 2 Megapixels camera & one VGA at front
- 4GB internal memory
- expandable with microSD card
For more details look at their article here.
What really gotten into my skin is this 3120 Classic will be priced for only 150 Euro (around US$223), that quite cheap consider those features this baby holds inside. Big vendors like Nokia is leading the way to make 3G network accessed by everyone, with cheaper 3G cell phone models are coming out every now and then; we'll be facing 4G network in no time.
Apple should have released 3G iPhone already, it's the most cutting-edge cell phone right now in the market. But how about Palm, I do hope they'll make their next Palm OS (aka. Nova) available for 3G network, having Treo 680 only able to reach EDGE network shows how old the device been.
(blogged with my Treo 750v)

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