Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Microsoft is determined to acquire Yahoo! (part. 1)

The biggest offer and trade is off after Yahoo! finally answered Microsoft's $44,6 billion bid, with conclusion that the software giant's offer is undervalued Yahoo! Many of you who follow through the whole story since Microsoft official press at Febr 1st, and you who don't even care for such thing, can't avoid the story because like it or not the news from newspaper to web sites covered it like crazy.
Many have doubt on internet independent, because if Yahoo! is to merged with Microsoft, the software giant can easily dictate internet way of life. Although Microsoft have stated many times, that they're doing everything they can to overcome Google's ever growing prowess over internet. This latest step from Microsoft is yet another sign their incompetence to compete with Google, they may have reign on OS but slumped on internet services. For those who live outside the US may have feel what I meant there, not many are willing to rely on Microsoft's Live search engine but they're usually quick to use Google's. No matter how many times I tried Live search engine, it can't give me good results as good as Google's, Google also keep on releasing new on-line services over these years. Like Google Earth, Microsoft desperately try to copy-cat it with their own MS Visual Earth mapping service. The outcome of the battle is like the previous one; more and more people rely on Google's than Microsoft's, even Google Locations service is now have becoming standard application in every mobile phones. Newest update was Microsoft acquired a 3D company called Caligari, to improve their Visual Earth service, read the news here.
No matter what kind of products Microsoft is releasing, seems like they couldn't delivered them as the best in the market. But with their product that is most anticipated & most rumoured to be released soon: Surface, things are looking much better for them in the future. From the failed iPod-killer (aka. Zune) to nobody want to upgrade their OS (aka. Vista); Microsoft need to prove their billion of dollars cash fund is something to be taken serious instead of becoming the joke of the sillicon valley. Let's hope Microsoft CEO Chris Liddel can delivered more finer results than his predescessor, specially after he spend so many Microsoft's money since his assigment.
Who knows perhaps, Liddel will sets his eyes on the struggling Palm...?
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