Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Draw what you say with PhatPad 4.4

There's a time when I can't type down an important note even with my two thumbs ready to jot down with Treo 750 tacky QWERTY keyboard, either the other person talking to me is too fast or he/she needs to draw a picture; like to show a direction or something else. That's when I started to found PhatPad v4.4 and installed it into my trusty Treo 750v, it's a good writing & drawing application that works with WinMob 6.
From adding a picture, sound, alarm and memo. There's it's brethen application to recognize your hand writing and convert it into texts, but you need to install the application seperately. With plug-in like that, can proof to be very useful for news reporters who need to write fast documents at site.
I mostly use PhatPad for drawing pictures, one thing that WinMob 6 built-in Notes uncapable of. I found it to be very handy, like few days ago at the construction site I described to the worker there how I wanted the jobs to be done. They immediately understand what I meant, all thanks to the drawings. Usually it takes longer when I just talked it out, and have troubles to draw since there are no papers & pen when you need one.
This kinda application should have been bundled with Treo all along from the box.
(blogged with my Treo 750v)

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