Saturday, February 23, 2008

The bad fruit

The fruits of doing heavy multi-tasking with my Treo 750v had cost me terrible result; couple of days ago it began to work & process everything very slowly. Like there are some kind of unknown applications kept Treo busy, even opening Word Mobile took third times of usual length. I tried to go along with these issues, but when I missed an important business call while I was writing a SMS; I couldn't take it anymore. That happened because WinMob 6 couldn't showed the incoming call, while the screen was stuck at SMS editor, even when I pushed the Windows start button didn't help.
I decided to hard-reset my Treo yesterday, where as standard backup procedures I pulled out the miniSD memory out from Treo and copied it to my PC; surely after I turned it off. After the hard-reset was successful, I plug in the miniSD back inside Treo; but only to found a surprising encrypted files in it that no WinMob 6 nor WindowsXP can read them. I remember activated the encryption of memory card feature in WinMob settings, this must be what caused the encrypted files. Sad with the lost of my blogs documents that I planned to post yesterday at PalmAddict, I realise I have to let them go cause there's nothing more I can do to bring them back.
Back to the main topic: what usually you got when you pound heavy use to your Treo 750? I love doing multi-task applications on my Treo 750v, like when I wrote my blogs I always go forth and back to Pocket IE & Lexisgoo English Dictionary; to find useful infos and find out what are the meaning of those never heard words. Or late at night, I play musics with PocketTunes and chat on-line with friends on IM+.
Treo has changed the way things I usually do with my PC/laptop, but I can't change the way I do multiple tasks with it or any computerized machines/gadgets. Multi-tasking is common thing in modern OS, WinMob is capable to that, but the only barrier is the hardwares capability to cope with it. I can only hope for better specifications on Palm newest Treo; codename "Drucker".
(blogged with my Treo 750v)

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