Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2 important steps you must know before restoring back your Treo

Everybody know how valuable a backup is for your mobile devices, but not all of us know exactly how to do it and what we must do in the process. Usually we realize we’ve missed some important steps when it’s already too late, like what have happened to me few days ago. I abused my Treo 750v with heavy use everyday, if you interested to know you can read it at previous post. So I tried to restore it back to the state it was before, I uses Spb Backup (great application, I’ve reviewed it) and made a full backup of Treo with all of it’s PIMs, installed apps and settings. My rejoice didn’t last long, not all of what I had before could be restored back.
Here are what I’ve did wrong:
1.) I encrypted the miniSD card with the built-in feature from WinMob 6. When I plug it into PC desktop, the Windows XP couldn’t recognize the contents; where all of the file icons showed a lock picture. I should’ve checked them first before I hard-reset the Treo, because the Treo couldn’t recognize the contents either after I’ve done the hard-reset. You shouldn’t encrypted your memory card, but if security is your main concern; then you should at least backup the contents using your encryption device first. But what will happened if your encryption device got broken too, then the memory card’s contents can’t be read by anyone including you!
2.) If you’ve made a full backup of your mobile phones, then you should never erase or even format the memory card. I made a mistake by thinking that the full backup file could restore back all of the program file folders where all of the installed apps were. When the full backup restore completed, I only could sighed deeply to know that all of the apps were not there anymore… You should just let the memory card stays at your Treo’s memory slot until the whole full backup finished.
I hope by sharing those stupid mistakes I made, others can avoid to have a disastrous backup experience.
(blogged with my Treo 750v)

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