Monday, February 18, 2008

Modern technology for presidential campaign

We always think that a presidential campaign has to be done in traditional way; the presidential candidate should meet & greet his/her supporters face to face, well at least in a party campaign or something like that. But a new approach has been made by Barack Obama’s campaign organizers; they use computer & internet technology so Obama could do that in virtual world. Nobody saw this will become a huge success, when this virtual presidential campaign started from just few months since last year 2007, they managed to raise campaign funds around US$500,000! Obama’s campaign organizers teamed up with web site to collect funds from supporters around the US, where believers usually give roughly around $10 to $25.

Another fine example of nowadays computer’s technology to use in this case is for FAQ database, where users can find almost anything about Barack Obama and his campaign goals. Again teaming up with 3rd party software developer: RightNow, around 1.3 million web visitors checked his website to check up on Obama’s background and how to get in touch with him. For instance two of top questions being asked every time: Q; How much is it to ask Obama to come and speak at our event? A; Nothing! Q; What church does Obama attend? A; Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. And so on…

The last and most significant role of internet over Obama’s presidential campaign rally is the spread of support through various social networking web sites. From Facebook, & MoveOn’s new Endorse-O-Thon Web tool, there have been more than 520,000 endorsement emails and messages! While others blog sites and open forums are not counted, those numbers still growing rapidly even now. Other presidential candidate, like Hillary Clinton, has begun to do the same like what Obama’s side has done. The power of internet social networking can’t be underestimated.
I can’t help but wonder when there’ll come the time I could do the presidential ballot from my Palm Treo, while comfortly sitting on a sofa and keep watching my favorite tv series…. “Right-now” I really wanted to know what is Obama’s mobile phone? I know Al Gore uses Treo 680.

(blogged with my Treo 750v, source from PC World)

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