Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm a winner!!!

Congratulations to David Fuller for winning (one of the most wanted) prize giveaways from Sammy/PalmAddict: MackBook Air! ~big applause~ And I would like to thank Sammy & PalmAddict for the HTC Touch that I won from the one-day only giveaway. I kinda felt like an Oscar winner who give thank speech on the podium ;-)

I'm really-really surprised to know that I've won, because of a busy weekend and the problems I had with my Treo, I actually almost too late to know that Sammy was giving away a HTC Touch just for one day. I had a very short time to come up with a blog and posted it on PalmAddict. I had no high hopes to win anything, because I know I'm not good in winning lottery or something like that; so I didn't even check who have won the MacBook Air or the HTC Touch. As always I read the PalmAddict RSS news from up (newest) to the bottom (oldest), but from yesterday I was so busy that I only could read few newest posts; and unfortunately the winner post is located at almost the bottom row. So when late at night I was finally going to rest, I remembered to continue read them all and very surprised to know that I won! I laughed quite hard and rub my eyes, just in case I was too tired and hallucinate my name on the post ;-p, but this is real.

Wow, I hope my post here can show every PalmAddict readers that Sammy's giveaways are real; and everyone could be the winner. Just keep on participate by sending your mobile experiences & thoughts, and who knows maybe you'll be the next winner!
(blogged with my Treo 750v)

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