Thursday, February 28, 2008

Google Sites officially launched

This is what probably Microsoft is scared about Google; on this Wednesday Google released a new web-based service called "Google Sites". What's all the fuss that make Microsoft (MS) feeling etchy about this new service from Google? Google Sites works just like MS SharePoint program, where users can collaborate their applications and emails together. In laymans term (for you who even never know what SharePoint is) it's a place where you can sync your documents, spreadsheets, emails, calenders, etc. -the list can still go on- with other people who have the same access. MS SharePoint is not well known for common computer users, because it's quite expensive and the main target are corporates / enterprise companies. So Google moves to barge into Microsoft's comfortable specialized market, is going to reduce (slow but steady) the software giant's share of profit.

As what the New York Times article mentioned; "Many businesses remain leery of putting their applications and data on servers they don’t control...", Google Sites won't have much of an impact yet to MS SharePoint. But as Google improves this web-based service, people will be drawn by it's main attraction: it's free! Well, time will tell for sure. But for now Google Sites is truly a blessing for end users who are looking for ways to sync their calendars & schedules with friends and families, no more miss-appoinment in the future.

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