Sunday, February 17, 2008

A wish for better mobile processor

While the battle of desktop & laptop processors have gone from one core to multiple cores, and up from 1GHz to 3.8GHz; the mobile processor is still haven't make a miracoluos jump even to 1GHz. The latest, but not yet to be released, is Samsung's mobile processor clocked at 667MHz (check my previous post here). Of course the mobile platform is to be blame first for the under-clocked mobile processor that hasn't been able to hit more than 1GHz, but from my personal oppinion it's the lack push from mobile industries that make it slow to produce competitive processors. Even though few players have threw in their products into mobile processors segment such as: ARM, Samsung, Intel, NVIDIA etc. But it seems they feel don't like to make the jump to 1GHz yet, the most cliche excuse is that mobile OS & softwares haven't needed that kind of power from their processors.
Lately I have found myself reset my Treo 750v for few times in the last week, mainly is not because it freezed but because one of the software I installed can't perform well after hard use of the Treo. When I asked the software developer, the support team answered honestly to point out that it's the device resources that make the software to malfunctioned; they recommend higher specs from newer device to run it well. Seems like they've many same complaints from other customers about this kind of issue, so the device's resources are to be blamed for.
It's my wildest hope for Palm to embedded a powerful processor into their next Treo lineups, with bigger RAM too of course. Specially when Palm Nova OS is out, where we all hope it can do real multi- tasks unlike the old Palm OS Garnet. But even right now they must've noticed how other OS have been made to handle various tasks to make mobile phones become mobile computers (read PA article about it here), eventually cuting-edge mobile processor is needed without questions.
We all are excited to watch how amazing are Apple to introduced slim-sexy MacBook Air (MBA), and Lenovo is about to announce X300 dubbed as MBA nemesis. The both companies managed to push incredible down-size laptop platform to be lessen to 20% than normal platforms, now that's what I call determination to be better than the others. And that will become their main asset to sell the new technology/device. Heck, MBA or X300 don't need anymore advertising; those babies sell by themselves as the thinnest in the world! Don't you want to challenge them, Palm?
This is just my random rambling on the end of the weekend, hope y'all have a great weekend!
(blogged with my Treo 750v)

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