Friday, February 15, 2008

T-Mobile choose Motorola ROKR E8

After T-Mobile announcement to stop their contract with Google in May and replace it with Yahoo's, T-Mobile is taking another bold move by taking side with "rumoured-ill" Motorola. Motorola newest handset that was just announced at Mobile World Congress; (MWC) the ROKR E8 will take the lead of T-Mobile's 2008 handsets lineup.
ROKR brand is already hard to gain more popularity (compared to it's brethren sibling: RAZR) when it's first released way back years ago, but with new design and higher features; Motorola puts high hopes to gain better income and take their name back into game of mobil phone business market. Aimed fo younger audiences and music player usage, Motorola injected 2GB internal memory & A2DP audio port. But three distinctive features are expected to make ROKR E8 stands out amongst the crowded multimedia smarthones: unique body keypad (as seen in picture), FastScroll touch-sensitive navigation wheel and ModeShift lighting. Read on Boys Genius Report article here.
Personally I really like the unique body ROKR E8 has, it's a dare move to make it different from the others is worth more than a second look. But Motorola biggest hindrance is their choose of mobile OS, hope the investment in Android platform is going to be the answer to their prayer...
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