Thursday, February 28, 2008

Google triumph once more in mobile market

Another new day is another new victory for Google, just few moments ago Opera have announced the end of their long contract with Yahoo! Inc. for their on-line service called OneSearch. And to replace absent of the search engine in Opera Mobile & Mini, is Google. OperaWatch deliver the article here.

Google have been supplying for 7 years as the main search engine for the Opera desktop browser, but for the mobile browser will become more fierce war along with Yahoo! OneSearch and Microsoft Live. Right now mobile phone owners are installing Opera Mobile or Mini as alternative to the built-in web broser, so far Opera has become a major player in this segment market. This will result is better for Google to dominate more over mobile search engine, and eventually comes along the mobile apps as well (such as Google Maps, Calendars, Readers, 2Go, etc.). But with the new upcoming Skyfire & Iris web browser, Opera should've move fast to improve their sluggish and limited web browsers. We're still waiting for Opera Mobile 9.5 to comes out, where Opera promises features from 3rd party script (such as Java, Ajax, Flash, etc.) to run natively in it to improve our web surfing experience on mobile phones.
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