Thursday, February 14, 2008

Microsoft is determined to acquire Yahoo! (part. 2)

When I’m about to wrap-up my coverage in Microsoft-Yahoo! bid, another news still regarding the Yahoo! have pop out in the net. One of the most shocking is that T-Mobile was cutting out their contract with Google to get the OneSearch engine from Yahoo!, starting on March this year the T-Mobile customers around Europe (11 countries so far) will have OneSearch engine as their default search application.
Although Yahoo! manages to triumph over this one battle with T-Mobile, Google has won another bigger battle which includes one of the biggest mobile phone manufacturers: Nokia. The statement was announced at Mobile World Congress (MWC) by Ilkka Raiskinen, Nokia's vice-president of software and services, this will take Google search engine to be integrated into Nokia’s own search application in Nokia phones which reach more than 100 countries spread all over the world.
If that’s not enough to add more burden in Yahoo! stockholders in their race against Microsoft’s will to acquire them, Yahoo! Inc. is starting to layoff up to 1000 employees on last Tuesday. “Chief Executive Jerry Yang last month forecast a tough 2008 year for the Sunnyvale, California-based company as he pledged to
reduce Yahoo's work force by around 7 percent. The company had 14,300 employees at the end of 2007.” as quoted by PC World article here.
So this is why Yahoo! Inc. was in talk with News Corp. about the possibility to continue their deal that went off last 18 months ago. According to Wall Street Journal; the last talk not long ago News Corp. demanded more than 20% stake of Yahoo! stocks, while Yahoo! will get some hard cash from the other side (no amount of money is disclosed yet).
We’ll have to wait for Yahoo! next step…
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