Friday, October 31, 2008

Radus, a media oriented web browser

Heads up people, there's a new player in the web browser competition; and its name is Radus.

Radus (read: ray-dee-us) is said to had been created as a media hub platform to let users simultaneously surf the web, search, view and share media formats (video, pictures & blogs). I suppose you can already guess Radus' main traits, only by looking at that big round playback control which pretty much looks like the iPod's famous wheel-click.

The main home page can be customized to your own liking; and features up to the minute news, entertainment, movies, blogs, etc. While on the right side panel, you'll find icon-based navigation for users to easily browse through content categories.

Undearneath the aforementioned panel, there's a search panel. It can view the results by content type: videos, blogs and photos. Afterwards, you may save the previous searches.

Lastly, on the most bottom panel, just at the right & left side of the playback control; there are integrated tool icons which enable users to share content by email or post to leading social sites.

One particular feature that I like about Radus is when it's used for reading blogs. Radus lets you add and save your own favorite RSS feeds by one click linking, and then you can customize those RSS feeds. Although only feeds with the add-to-your-home-page glyph, that can be automatically inserted and saved into your personal home page.

The ultimate experience for me would be reading blogs with it, because Radus is capable to lay 'em out in magazine style and thus eliminates scrolling. It re-format the blog's column, and adjust the blog to its own form factor. While you can leisurely stroll down the blog posts and pick the one you like to read, by take a glimpse at the blogs preview list located on the right panel.

The only drawback found now is mentioned by Ubergizmo: "I am not a fan of the way the articles from the various news and blogs sources are displayed: the source name is not visible inside Radus, you can only discover it once you clicked on the article, it takes you the original article page in another window."

Other notable features worth quick mentioning are to share the contents of media in Radus' own Community, Playlists (with cute little thumbnails), and Publish to famous social networking sites. And not to be forgotten is Radus' Widgets, which can be embedded into web page and blog. You can share videos, photos & blogs; and it automatically updates them across all social sites.

Radus uses Adobe AIR clients technology, and available for free download for Windows & Mac platform. Are you drooling already? Oh, we will drool more. Just wait till the mobile version is out, slated for release in early 2009... ;-p

I'm off now to give the new browser a try, but with the loads of work I have right now; I don't think I'll be able to fully review Radus. Sounds like a calling cue to my fellow PalmAddict Associate Writers or Editors, or even maybe the readers? *wink*

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