Friday, October 31, 2008

Compaq Mini 700 is the HP Mini 1000 clone

The hot skittering trail of the newly announced HP Mini 1000 is not even cold yet, and we're already presented with another netbook coming out from HP's child company that deals with lower mid-range value computers; Compaq.

Apparently Compaq doesn't want to be bothered with re-designing the Mini 1000, so apart from the same exact specs within, Compaq also named it with Mini moniker but different number: 700. But of course, the HP logo is replaced with its own Compaq logo on the front bezel.

Albeit buying the Mini 1000 with £399 price tag, you can get this Mini 700 at cheaper price tag: £299. It is also said that Compaq will offer an optional 3G/HSDPA connection along, but for reassurance we'll have to wait till this netbook becomes official. Let's hold our breath together, shall we? ~LOL~

Sources are from T3, via Liliputing.

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