Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Troublesome Air for Linux OS?

Wait up, this isn’t about the famous MacBook Air that you own (lucky you lucky!); but instead this is about Adobe’s announcement of their new Air product for Linux OS platform. Adobe Air is a framework that allows internet enabled applications to run in web browser; the technologies include HTML, AJAX & Flash. After Windows and Mac OS X, Adobe is planning to make a “Linux version of Air” (quoted from PC World article here). Although it’s starting up with an alpha build, developers can already use the Adobe Flex Builder Linux alpha 3 to build Flex applications. But as it’s still in alpha build, Adobe have warned there should many bugs and hiccups in it.
This move by Adobe to enter the open source standard of Linux is being heralded by the Linux Foundation, a nonprofit organization that promotes and standardizes Linux. But as for me, this new Air product from Adobe could be the beginning of a new security trouble for Linux OS. I’ve discussed about vulnerability found in Adobe Flash at here, and how more secure Linux OS from Windows Vista SP1. So I hope the Air for Linux there is not creating a new hole that can be use by hackers to pawn Linux powered OS, and especially to the upcoming Palm Nova that’s also based on Linux platform.

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