Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Linux is the right choice for Palm

Perhaps not many of you who follow the news about PWN to OWN that was held by TippingPoint, a child company from 3COM, the contest was meant to find out vulnerable holes in top three OS. These three OS are: Windows Vista SP1, Mac OS X & Linux Ubuntu.
On the second day of the contest at CanSecWest-Vancouver; the Mac OS X in MacBook Air was hacked using vulnerability in Safari in only two minutes flat! For that Charlie Miller & his team won $10,000 plus the MacBook Air.
Finally after more than 7 hours later, the Windows Vista SP1 that runs on Fujitsu U810 laptop was also hacked. Shane and his colleges have used Adobe’s Flash vulnerability to infiltrate Windows Vista SP1 system, the SP1 update that’s released recently by Microsoft was not expected by Shane and prolonged the efforts.
So at the end of the contest, only Linux Ubuntu that runs on Sony VAIO laptop was the only one last standing un-hacked.
Both Apple and Adobe have been informed of these new found vulnerabilities in their product’s security system, and hopefully a new patch will be ready soon. As for Adobe, they have been working on around the clock to patch this vulnerability found in Flash Player software, but until then millions of websites and internet users are vulnerable to hackers attack. Read on DVLabs-TippingPoint website here for more infos & pictures of the contest.
The shocking news actually came from PC World article here, where another vulnerability was found way back in December last year by a Google researcher Rich Cannings. And whether the vulnerability is the same that used by Shane in PWN to OWN contest or not, it’s already been 3 months and seems like it hasn’t been fixed yet.
If I may take a quick conclusion from above news, then we can rejoice for the fact that Linux has better security than the other two OS mentioned; especially for you who use Ubuntu distro. And I really believe that Palm’s choice to go for a new Palm OS based on Linux is a wise decision, not only now it’s been proven to be more secure; a Linux powered OS can provide more supports from 3rd party software developers. Fernando, we hear you bro and we believe too. But still we need to wait until the actual Palm OS Nova to come out in 2009, before any more praise given.
(blogged with my Treo 750v)

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