Sunday, March 30, 2008

End of the weekend rumors part 4: Windows Mobile 6.1

Well, I actually plan to wait until the rumored April 1st official release of WinMob 6.1; like what Sammy has posted before at PA here. But with the whole news and interests on WinMob OS, I guess a little more recap is needed to complete this end of the weekend rumors post series. Thus for you who're fed up with rumors on WinMob 6.1 can pass this one out. It was Boy Genius Report (BGR) who got the news & screenshots of this aforementioned WinMob 6.1 update, according to them here are some of the new features:
Support for AT&T’s Video Share
New thumbnail browsing
New Albums feature
Send to your space (upload to your Windows Live account)
Updated camera UI Updated home screen (more music and multimedia features)
TV out
So this means AT&T handsets will get the updates first before other mobile wireless carriers, but looking back at the late update of WinMob 6 for AT&T's Treo 750; I would say we need to hope the update is not going to arrive even until
Treo 800w out in July. The WinMob 6.1 is sure to be release, because Microsoft need to fill-in the gap between WinMob 6 to 7. Looking at Engadget screenshots of WinMob 7 here, we could easily tell that WinMob 7 is aim to be the "iPhone-killer" OS. It all looks very promising, but we need to find out when it's set to be release in 2009 or above; there haven't any confirmations from Microsoft Windows Mobile team yet on the launch date.
And if you're the proud owner of BlackJack, you don't have to wait until the official update of WinMob 6.1 for it; because the BlackJack community forum at
TXCaesar's Rom Kitchen have released a working beta version of their own home brewed WinMob 6.1 firmware. Sources are from WMExperts via Engadget Mobile.
(blogged with my Treo 750v)

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