Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Treo is my sick company

Just when CTIA 2008 is starting up, I’ve been struck with high fever for three days that left me lying on bed for most of the time. When I checked, my body temperature was at 38.8 degree Celsius! I couldn't get up cause my body feels so tired and in pain, and I felt sleepy for most of the time. Lucky enough I always put Treo next to the bed, so when I woke up I still could follow up the RSS news with it. Some friends & business matters called in, and with Treo as my mobile phone in bed; I still be able to stay in contact with them. I heard some interesting news on the CTIA 2008 event, such as WinMob 6.1 & Nokia’s WiMax-enabled N810 which are now have become official, and many other exciting news. I’ll be bringing some of those news to PA, hopefully my fever will go down soon (it’s already down now at 37.1 degree Celsius).
(blogged in my bed with my Treo 750v)

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