Saturday, October 25, 2008

BlackBerry Storm Hands-On First Impressions by CrackBerry

Kevin Michaluk from CrackBerry has finally got his hands-on the BlackBerry Storm, which he had been dying to get. And I'd say he has make up for the "tardiness", by produced one of the complete & thorough reviews on the BB Storm I've ever read on the net.

I'll cut to the chase, Kevins' verdict on the BB Storm is: "With its easy to type on touchscreen keyboard, the Storm is just as effective as any other BlackBerry for the work day, but with the benefits of a BIG ‘ole touchscreen isn't about to call it quits when happy hour begins. ---

--- One of the inevitable questions that will pop up in the comments to this post are "So Kevin, are you going to switch to the Storm or keep using your Bold?" In anticipation of the question, my first response is I DON'T KNOW!!!, my second response is DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE! and my third response is AH HELL, JUST GIVE ME BOTH!"

Head on to CrackBerry blog page to see more pictures, and of course to read the complete review. In the mean time, you can watch the video of a first time Storm User typing on its touchscreen keyboard that I've embedded below this post. Enjoy!

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