Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cooliris for iPhone

Cooliris, a cinematic viewer for you to search and look for images, videos and contents of the web; has now released a free app for iPhone.

And just like the way it works on desktop web browsers, Cooliris for iPhone lets you swipe through the search results with your finger, or simple tip your iPhone from side to side to navigate. It's both sleek and entertaining as well, "wonderfully gratifying and natural" said Josh Lowensohn from Webware.

One of the cool feature from this app is its Discover feature; it can takes advantage of your iPhone's location based services to deliver regional news around you; near or far.

To get Cooliris for iPhone, click on this link (will open iTunes). But before that, you can enjoy the video demo below. Enjoy!

[blogged with my Treo 750v]

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