Saturday, October 25, 2008

Palm's Nova OS rumor tidbit

Now for this news, you must treat it as aesthetically as rumor only. There ain't much of facts or sources to support it, but since we all are waiting for Palm to release the ultimate sucessor of its old Palm OS/Garnet OS, so I guess we'll just gulp it down in one hungry greedy-draught of addiction. ;-p

TamsPalm blog is reporting that there's a PEF member has just posted the following bit of info after trying to get his broken Treo 680 repaired:

"I went to the local AT&T store here in CT and they couldn’t help me obtain a new one, and tried to sell me on a Centro (2G, yecch!). Then the salesperson hinted that I should hold off on buying a new PalmOS-based Palm, because he was recently sent to an all-day training where there was a Palm rep there who demoed and trained them on how to use, market and sell the “new” Palm devices coming at the end of the year. The AT&T person I spoke with said it is nothing like anything that’s already out there, including the iPhone or Android. I pushed for more details, and he said it wasn’t the device from ACCESS. ---

--- So that piqued my interest quite a bit… and I’ve decided to hold off upgrading my Treo 680 for the next few months, but I need to replace the one I have

What could it be? Are you getting excited? For me, I must agree with Tam Hanna on responding to such rumor; that no matter how small is the rumor about Palm, we'll always appreciate the positive ones.

[blogged with my Treo 750v]

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