Sunday, October 26, 2008

Beware of Puzzllotto game app for iPhone/iPod Touch

You may want to be careful if you decided to buy and download this game app for your iPhone/iPod Touch (v2.0 software is required), called Puzzllotto. Not that the game will make your iPhone self destruct in 10 seconds, or something like that.

But I'm most worried about the way United Lemur Inc., the maker of the game, promotes Puzzllotto: Finish the game by solving the puzzles, and then the winner can grab the total prize up to $3,000. It's now available at $4.99 price tag on the iTunes App Store, and 10% of App Store revenue is said to be donated to the Madagascar Fauna Group...

One of the poster at ModMyI blog named cash7c3 informed about the game: "Puzzllotto is in the same spirit as Zort or Myst. You are given no instructions for gameplay and have to figure out everything yourself including the solution to the puzzle. The game is set in the jungle and there are a few creatures in the game."

Although you can follow the game with Twitter, to find out whether there's already a winner or not; I'm really concern that there hasn't been a winner since the contest started on Oct 23rd. I know it's only been for a couple of days or so, but c'mon, don't you think there should be plenty of gamers out there who can win a game like this?

And to add to my agonizing curiosity; t-baum, posted this when he/she has finished the first level: "Well when i finish what i guess is the first level i get this weird message.

Arahabainalanono tena kinga
saina indrinda...
(time here)
sarotra kokoa noho
tamin ny ezaka mafy
aminny ezaka mafy.
then i get a list to choose from:
Any help?"

Then another poster called shaybaba pointed out that the language up there is "MALAGASY", but shaybaba still unable to translate the whole messages. It was javiert30's post that has caught my attention, and it could probably is true: "...I think that message means, "Go and tell your friends about my app, so they can buy it and I can get my $30,000.00" ~LOL~

Maybe you'll enjoy the game, and maybe there's indeed a money grand prize if you ever win the contest; but the only annoyance for me personally is how the game developer promote its game. But hey, as long as you're having fun playing it then perhaps the $4.99 cost didn't go to waste, right? ;-)

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