Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lux Touch for iPhone/iPod Touch

I've posted some free apps for your iPhone and iPod Touch, and I think it'll be fair enough if I post one free game lastly. ;-p

Lux Touch is an intensely addictive and fast-paced version of the board game classic Risk, but with a modern twist; says Matt Hickey from Crave.

Here's Matt verdict on the game: "I cannot stop playing Lux Touch for the iPhone. It's far and away the best game I've played yet on the device. You play the blue forces. Each turn, you get three armies, which you place in your territories. At certain times you can cash in "cards" (which you get as you conquer new regions), and those can be traded in for more armies. Get a full continent and get bonus armies each turn."

You can get Lux Touch for free at App Store, while for the paid version; the Lux Delux will costs you $24.95 per license. You can find the complete information from its maker: Sillysoft. The company name may sound silly, but not with the games they produced. ~LOL~

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