Sunday, October 26, 2008

Moblyng for iPhone/iPod Touch

For you who love to take pictures with your iPhone or iPod Touch, or perhaps you love to view pictures with iPhone's superior user interface; then you'll also love Moblyng.

Moblyng mobile is a slideshow application for iPhone, it allows users to create and share slideshows to other smartphones and social media sites. The cross-platform application will allow consumers to:
  • Create a slideshow using the photos on their iPhone (Photo Library or Camera Roll)
  • Enhance slideshows with animated effects and transitions
  • Share slideshows to other iPhones or any web-enabled, video-supporting phone or smartphone
  • Post slideshows as a Flash Embed to social media sites like MySpace
  • Post slideshows to for future sharing with friends and family

Don Ngo from Crave, who have tried Moblyng with his iPhone found an interesting feature: "The app offers five ways (themes) for you to run a slide show. One of the themes is called "Antique" that makes all images appear in black and white, which is really cool. You can also change the speed and choose different skins."

Get Moblyng beta app for free from App Store, or point your iPhone's Safari web browser to this address: to get it.

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