Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nokia takes seriously of the saying "No pain, no gain"

For you who loves to work out in the gym, or perhaps for you who do extreme sports, then you must've familiar with the saying: "No pain, no gain."

As for me, I'm just trying to figure out how to throw away the main idea of torturing myself every time I went to the gym and do some weight lifting. ~LOL~

Ohkay, back to the topic again. Yesterday, Nokia has been sending a set of pictures that tell how they tested out their handsets in some of the more than 200 mechanical tests.

Those tests include bending the handsets under great pressure, twisting them till they break, pushes the keypad million of times, drips your kind of hand cream & gels on it, bathes them into a pool of hard & sharp little plastics, drops on a solid of concrete, and other tests that are too mean to be mentioned... ;-p

But as I'm watching the video torture that I've embedded below this post, I was wondering if through those tough test can Nokia's handsets still have the hair-line cracks which found on Treo Pro and iPhone 3G? Perhaps Palm and Apple should copy those torture tests from Nokia, to avoid having cracks on the body of their handsets in the future.

The tests might cost a fortune to be done, even for a big mobile manufacturer like Nokia, but like the saying above goes; I think it might be worth it if the reports on the hair-line cracks of Treo Pro & iPhone 3G are escalating every day.

Personally, I would be more than happy to be a torture test for any Palm's or Apple's products. Don't you? ;-D

Sources are from GSMArena & Gizmodo.

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