Saturday, November 22, 2008

Got my Treo back

What a joyous feeling it is, to hold my trusty Treo back again in my hand. After waited for almost three days, my Treo is fully repaired and working as if it is new. I feels like a complete man once more.

I quickly tested it out by making/receiving calls, writing/sending text messages & emails, in fact the first email I replied with my newly fixed Treo was from Sammy. Talk about a nice coincidence. ;-)

This reminded me, why I'm so in love with Treo; because of its remarkable keyboard. There's some kinda tactile feedback, each time I pressed every of the keyboard's buttons. Gives a great pleasure to write emails & SMS with it, where now I don't need to push too hard or repeatedly push the buttons anymore. All it takes is just a light touch, and every words I wanted will swiftly appear on the screen.

Now all I've got to do is re-install back every apps I used to have in my Treo, before I handed it out to be repaired. One definite app that I'll immediately install is a RSS feed reader app, because I wish to receive news around the globe as soon as possible, especially from PalmAddict. *wink*

But having my Treo back into my hands, is not the only one jolly episode I'm having right now. There are two more, but I'm saving them for next week to tell you about. So stay tune in here at my personal weblog! ;-D

[blogged -again- with my Treo 750v --yeeess! ~LOL~]

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