Monday, November 3, 2008

My niggling quandary for Treo Pro

I got a surprise call today, from one of mobile phone shops I used to visit whenever I go to the capital city: "We now have Treo Pro stocks in ready!"

I'm like: "Get out from here, you're kidding me right?" But the store staff told me it is for real, in fact they've actually had Treo Pro since a couple of months ago but in limited quantity. I am surprised, because the Indonesia's Palm website hasn't show Treo Pro in its product list.

I can't really describe how I feels after hearing the news up until now, I'll just gonna mention them one by one to you: queasy, excited, thrilled, sad & mad...

Did I just say "sad & mad up" there? Yup, that's right. Because now that Treo Pro is available in this little country of mine, I feels compelled and being pulled into owning one for myself. But then, what I'm supposed to do with my beloved Treo 750v? I still love it, and if I may say to you my good fellow addict friends; that I'm very-very attached to my trusty Treo. I never leave home, (or even if I'm at home & work) without it.

Since I got my Treo 750v, it is now showing signs of exhaustion after took lots of beating from my thumbs... Like for instance; some of the keyboard buttons are not responding well if I push them too fast, I even sometimes had to push it 2-3 times before the words appear on screen. And of course, the D-pad paint has faded away. I used it so many times for single handed operation, too many times perhaps.

But even though with all of those signs that signal me to start reparing, or replacing my Treo in whole; I still love it. Dearly and deeply...

Besides, with the pretty hefty price the shop is tagging on the Treo Pro at roughly around $538 (with current high rate against US dollar), I'll never fill up my piggy-saving that's meant for buying my dream laptop: the MacBook Air! ;-p

But the Treo Pro is so shiny, and brand new. And it's so gorgeous with that slim body, and the flushed-flat screen.

O what should I do? Should I throw away my love for the old Treo, and get the new shiny one? Will my love ever the same with the new one? It's the same kind of feeling after you've broken up with someone, and then when you meet with somebody new; you're guessing whether you'll be able to get the same amount of love or not.

I can't decide yet, for now. Maybe all I need is a little push, or perhaps a good advice is what I need to stay sane. Please chime in your voice at the comment section, just below this post (open this post in a window to view the comments). Your feedbacks are greatly appreciated... Thank you! ;-D

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