Tuesday, November 4, 2008

12 best Android apps by Lifehacker

Uh oh, when it rains, it pours. Just on the last weekend, I was telling you guys about 10 top apps for Android, and on the previous weekend was 15 killer apps also for your G1 Android phone.

And now, there are 12 best Android apps that have been gathered around by Gina Trapani from Lifehacker. Although so far, there are no mentioning of game apps in any of these Android apps round-up. Most of the apps can be categorized for self esteemed productivity, and Gina's list of 12 best Android apps also intended to boost your mobile productivity; just like what she said: "...this review's gonna stick to the stuff that makes doing stuff (besides eating virtual pellets) faster."

But even without games to recommend here, you can still find things to explore and play with as you're standing in line to cast your vote (for U.S. readers). Who knows you'll occupied yourself as time fly fast, and then you wish you can get into the line again so you can discover the best app for yourself. ~LOL~ Don't forget to tell Sammy on how you use your mobile devices while waiting in the line to vote, you might get today's throwaway quickie.

Hit the link to immediately head on to Lifehacker blog page, and see if those apps can be useful for you or not. Apart from Cab4Me & TuneWiki that I've already listed in the previous posts, I've got me eyes on some of the apps mentioned in Gina's list, they are:

  • Any Cut, creates one-click shortcuts on your home screen to common activities, like texting your sweetie.
  • Caller ID, the WhitePages.com's Caller ID app helps you decide with a little more information—specifically, whether the number of the incoming call is a cell or landline, and where it's located.
  • TooDo, is a very rich to-do manager that does all the things a featureful desktop task manager does—including reminders, categories, and dependencies—with some sweet location-aware goodness too, like geographical-based reminders (ie, if you're within range of the dry cleaner, pick up the pants).
  • ToddlerLock, turns your phone into an interactive toy, with bright shapes and colors on screen and (optionally) fun sounds.

Good luck and happy hunting! ;-D

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