Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Google will benefit the most from the U.S. Presidential Election?

I see many posts lately at PalmAddict are about casting vote in the Presidential Election 2008, this is a solid proof that our biggest family members are from U.S. soil.

Although I must agree with Sammy; we shouldn't mix politics into our happy mobile-oriented community, but it is undeniable that there's an indirect relationship between politic and technology/IT.

Like for an instance, there's this interesting article written by Sascha Segan from PC Mag titled: "Google Wins the Presidential Election (So Does Obama)". The title of the article itself will capture your attention, so it did to me. ;-)

What does he mean by: Google actually won this election. Every way you slice Obama's tech policy, it is good news for Google? Sascha Segan then presents a quick fact: On Obama's Web site, he actually mentions Google as a model, pledging to create "a Google-like search engine that will allow ordinary Americans to track federal grants, contracts, earmarks, and loans online."

And it might not just the new President Elec Obama who will effect how technology turns into when he finally take on the the helm at White House, his Vice President will also probably make his own move: On the other hand, VP-elect Joe Biden has traditionally been friendly to the recording industry, which includes the most anti-fair-use people in the world. Watch out Torrent users, you might see some Torrent ports being throttled when Obama-Biden enter the White House.

And lastly, let's not forget how social networking sites such as Facebook & MySpace, have helped to boost Obama's popularity back then during his campaign. It was the power of mouth-to-mouth spread across the internet, which donated the high volume of Obama campaigns.

I wonder if Palm will also be able to create new openings with the new President Elec's policies on IT & technologies? Godspeed, and finger crossed. ;-p

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