Friday, November 21, 2008

Days without my Treo

After a series of unfortunate events befell on me starting from last weekend, the worst has come: my Treo is taken away from me. I had to let it go a couple days ago, because the repair man from the Palm store where I bought it said he needs three days to fix my Treo.

Of course at first I was reluctant to live my days without my Treo for three days, but when the repair man promised that it will become as good as new after he fix it, I handed over my beloved Treo with a heavy heart.

So for the last two days since Thursday, it feels like I went back to the old age where I used a pen & paper to write down the most interesting news which I come across on the internet; and sketch out my blogs in the old fashion way.

It has been a terrible, and dull two days without my trusty Treo. Like something is missing, or like a part of your body is being strapped down. Right now I had to replace it with an old mobile phone, not a smartphone. Which is only good for making and receiving calls, it's not even meant for writing text messages.

I'm so sorry if my post has got nothing to do with mobile activities... ;-p And so, in the contrary of my previous posts; I'll end this post with: "blogged without my Treo 750v" ~LOL~

I hope y'all have a great & fun weekend with your mobile devices!

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