Friday, November 21, 2008

A series of unfortunate events befell on me

Life, the real one that we're living in, is full of surprises. When we thought we have planned everything out to the details, to avoid things we don't want to happen, but in the end what we'll get is the opposite.

And that is exactly what happened to me, it all started when I decided to go to the capital city in order to repair my Treo a week ago. I thought it would be a good idea since there was a big computer event being held at the same time, and I was thinking about to check out the latest gadgets brought to this little country of mine.From the start, I almost late to board the train. It's very unusual for the local train here in my country to be so punctual, the one that I rode even came & left earlier than it should be. Upon arriving at my sister's house, I found out that one of the cars and the laptop there were both broken. Well, they were still able to be used but just in dire need to be repaired.

So I drove the car to a car-shop and fixed it till dawn, but by the time I got home and went to the computer event I got into a terrible traffic jam because of the heavy rain. When I arrived at the computer event, it was about time to close and every stands were just closing. I made a quick tour, and jumped to look at the popular computer brands stand only. Of course, I couldn't see much... And I couldn't see the event again tomorrow, because it was the last day.

The next day, I tried to fix my sister's laptop which has became so slow because it was bloated with unnecessary apps and probably plenty of malwares. I decided to re-install the Windows OS again, since it seemed to be the best solution to fix it. But what next to come was everything went awry, the installations never finish correctly. There were always something went wrong everytime like the WiFi didn't work properly, the LAN was undetected, or the Windows couldn't install IE7 and Yahoo Messenger.

It took around 3 times of installing Windows XP into the laptop, before it finally installed properly. It also took 3 days to get it done, roughly means one installation per day. That was because I had to do some other errands during the day, and tried to re-installed the laptop only at night. Heh, I felt like a very lowsy IT Admin when it's finished. ;-p

And when the laptop is fixed, my sister is dominating the privilege to use it. For a straight two days, I didn't have access to the internet and couldn't post any blogs at all. I even had to write this blog at 1:54AM in the morning... What worst is, it had been several times where the cable internet connection was disconnected just at the time when I was about to write a blog. Looks like the disconnected internet connection is going to occur more often, this happens when the rain season arrive. Could it be, that I am not meant to write any blog, not even a single blog, for two straight weeks...?

So now you know, why there hasn't been any new updates in my weblog since last week.

But what really hurts me is to loose my Treo, it needs to be left at the Palm store where I bought it for two days. I'm gonna tell you more about this at my next post. Now I feel so lost and naked without my Treo at my side, like something great is missing from my daily life.

So until I get back to my small town again, and while I'm still here at my sister's house in the capital city, I'll do my best to keep up the posts flowing once more. I hope you'll understand, my dear good readers, and please forgive me for the lack of posts lately.

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