Thursday, November 13, 2008

IE Mobile 6 also coming soon

Ohkay, you got me there. I thought the rumor about iPhone 2.2 is the only tease I can find for you today, but hey obviously there's one more. Although I'm not that kinda excited when I first heard the news, so maybe you will... or not.

It's very unlike Microsoft, or in this case is the Windows Mobile Team, who has just announced yesterday the availability of emulators and documentation for Internet Explorer Mobile 6. Usually it'll take forever for Microsoft, and any other child companies of the software giant to release an update after announced their next projects. Let's take Windows Mobile 7 for an example... ;-p

The Windows Mobile Team declares that the IE Mobile 6 will provide a high-quality browsing experience on your device, more closely resembles a desktop browsing experience. The team even has provided a list of 'cool' features we'll find in it:
  • Improved fidelity (support for full fidelity desktop rendering)
  • Layout fixes to accommodate a mobile screen (text wrap)
  • Enhanced Script and AJAX support (Jscript v5.7 from Internet Explorer 8)
  • Improved multimedia experience (Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 for Adobe Flash content)
  • Deeper integration with search
  • Enhanced cursor navigation model
  • Touch and gesture support – pan support
  • Multiple zoom levels
  • Easy switching between mobile / desktop versions of sites by specifying UA strings.

Lastly, the Windows Mobile Team tries to entice us all by saying that the IE Mobile 6 will be available on new Windows Mobile devices soon. But seriously, how soon?!?

Sources are from Windows Mobile Team Blog, via UnwiredView. If you're interested in downloading the IE Mobile 6 emulator, then click on this link.

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