Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lexisgoo, an extensive English Dictionary for my Treo

I've began installing apps back into my fixed Treo again starting yesterday, and because I had been using it for almost a year now, I'm being finicky about apps that are installed within my most trusted mobile device.

Well, I got to admit it; the Treo 750 is not exactly the most powerful smartphone out there anymore, while apps available nowadays for Windows Mobile are draining more juice out of the mobile device's limited resources than ever was.

So that's why I need to be selective on choosing the right apps for my aging Treo 750v, thank goodness after spending less than a year of marriage with my Treo; I know which apps are right for my lovely device. There are only few apps that I consider really worthy, but for a start I'm going to quickly mention my pick for English dictionary app: PPCLink's Lexisgoo English Dictionary for Pocket PC.

It doesn't matter if your native language is English or not, because even for those who is born and live in a country which English is the mother-language; it's impossible to know all the unique words & idioms. You can imagine how harder it is for those who are not, me for an instance. That's why I needed an extensive and at the same time a reliable English dictionary whenever I'm about to write a blog post, especially if you're writing for a famous weblog such as PalmAddict. *wink*

I already tried some English dictionary app with my Treo, one or two of them are from well known software developers, but none of them offer the ease of use like Lexisgoo. And when I talk about ease of use, that would mean the simplicity of the user interface and how speedy is the app to be used in all conditions.

Upon opening Lexisgoo for the first time, you'll easily know how to use it in an instant. Although you may customized the settings like font size and etc. through Tools option, you can start using Lexisgoo by writing down the English vocabulary you want to search, press enter and you're good to go. With 185,000 entries, 3.18 million words & 4140 idioms; Lexisgoo will always has something to refer you to even if you don't know the exact words.

And after you've found the words; PPCLink has embedded a speaking feature if Lexisgoo shows the search result, so you can hear the right pronunciation by clicking the small speaker icon on the main menu just below the search pane.

Lexisgoo's clean user interface have fully support mobile devices with square screen, like my Treo. You don't have to worry about the app big size, since you can optimized your smartphone's limited memory by installing it into additional storage card. I never encounter any troubles, and no app crashes everytime I use Lexisgoo from Treo's miniSD card.

But what I really love about Lexisgoo, is its plugin called Lexisee, which is a shortcut to use Lexisgoo represented by a question icon on Windows Mobile title bar. So when you're in a web browser, or in a RSS feed app reading news and find a word you don't understand; all you need to do is highlight the word and click on the Lexisee icon at the title bar. Lexisee then pops out a small window, showing the search result of the closest it can find. You can see how it works in live action at the animated picture on the left, or see it at this link.

Lastly, Lexisgoo has an advanced study assistant, including automatic vocabulary reminder on today screen that makes learning English vocabulary easier in day to day basis.

For more extensive learning, Lexisgoo offers word links with synonyms and related words for every definition of the words you searched. In a short time, your head will explode because of too many new words revealed to you. That almost happened to me... ;-p

Lexisgoo English Dictionary for Pocket PC has been updated to v3.1.1 since June 5th, 2008. To immediately download and try it out on your Windows Mobile device, click on this link (CAB file download).

The latest version of Lexisgoo is currently offered at $24.95 on retail price, but for our loyal and dear PalmAddict readers; PPCLink is giving a 30% OFF for every products. All you need to do, is punch in this Promotion Code: PALMADDICT on the check out page. But you need to hurry, this great offer will expired on November 30th tomorrow!

Go get it while it's hot, and become a walking dictionary with Lexisgoo inside your mobile device on the go. ;-D

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