Monday, November 24, 2008

Treo Pro is Windows Mobile done right, a good review by MTS

It's not easy to capture readers attention when you present a review of a product, but Brett Quam from My Today Screen (MTS) has wrote a good one about Palm's latest brainchild: the Treo Pro.

But what I really like about Brett's review on Treo Pro, is because he also pay attention to the little things. If you wanted to know what about the Treo Pro that made Brett said: "Sometimes it’s the small things that make a great phone," then head on to the above link to find out.

And if just in case you're currently in a hurry, and doesn't have much time to read the whole review, then I'll cut to the chase and get right to Brett's verdict on Treo Pro:

"The battery lasted, the phone was stable, the signal strength was solid…it just works. This is Windows Mobile done right…thank you Palm and HTC."

Oh yes, thank you Palm. But while you're at it, can you please give us something more for Christmas? Say... like Foleo 2 maybe? ;-p

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