Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Little things about the ~rumored~ Treo Pro you (may) have missed

Here I go again, my eyes just won't stay still whenever I see great pictures of a shiny new gadget. The more clearer the images, the easier it is to spot more details. And I thought it's kinda fun, because it's like I'm looking closely on the device before I decided to purchase one. Just like when you're looking at the device you want in the store counters.

Not so long ago, I've brought up some details about Treo 800w right
here at PalmAddict. And now we'll have a preview detail look on what could be the upcoming Treo 850w, or known with its new name as Treo Pro.

Although the pictures are all in form of live shot images, they're all shot in quite high resolutions; so the details look crystal clear enough. Thanks to 'Death Night Qingfengdian' (hope I didn't misspell the name, sorry if I did) from Treo8.com for the great live shots, and thanks to Cristopher89 for the heads up.

As always, you'll have to click on all of the thumbnail pictures in order to view them larger. Let's have 'em already shall we:

Keyboard & screen

I'll start from the face of Treo Pro first, which are the keyboard & the screen. Treo Pro's keyboard is seem to be using the same keyboard that's used in Centro, no curve line layout like in the Treo 750/680, or not like its sibling Treo 800w at all. Flat straight, coated with squishy plastic. The light angle from the photo shot, the most left picture, reveal that much.

The middle picture is showing you the main specs within the Treo Pro; just like we've been informed in previous rumor news. I know the specs language are written in Chinese characters, but I'm sure you can guess what they're for. ;-)

Looks like Palm is beginning to use a screen saver that'll display a digital clock, date, miss-calls, and incoming messages. The same that's used in Treo 800w.

Back cover, memory slot & WiFi button

Palm is breaking some of the traditional designs with Treo Pro; one is the placement of stylus (which I'll show you below) and another one is the back cover. What so special of the back cover? Well, judging from the picture; the back cover is slide opened upward, not downward. And this time, the whole back cover is supposed to be opened. Leaving no closed and protected area when opened, this means if you break the back cover; you'll have to replace it as one piece. Good or bad? We have our own arguments about this...

The middle and right pictures show us that the WiFi button is located at the left-bottom side of the Treo Pro, right next to the (looks like) IR. The same as in Treo 800w, Palm is implementing a push button for activating or turning off the WiFi feature. While the expansion memory is using microSD, and to access the slot we must open the back cover. Now why would Palm designs it this way...?

Speaker, jacks & reset button

Turning Treo Pro and see what are under the hood, we can see a distinguishable speaker placed at the antenna and camera area. I wonder how loud can the speaker sound with that kinda size? Perhaps it's meant for making a converence call where everybody in the same room, or next to you, can hear the sound loud and clear.

I found it quite confusing when I see there's a 3.5mm headphone jack on the Treo Pro's connectivity panel, the microUSB is understanable since we've seen it on Treo 800w. But why does Palm put it here, but not at Treo 800w? Maybe Palm does listen to the users, who have been requesting for a dedicated 3.5mm headphone jack so the expensive headphones we've bought won't go to waste. ~LOL~

On the right picture, we can find a reset button close to the connectivity panel and the SIM slot. I've marked it with a circle red, just in case you're having a hard to find it. ;-p Is it good or not, to push the reset button we must open the back cover first?

The stylus

Aaah..., the stylus. I've been looking and trying to locate the stylus when the first Treo Pro pictures came out, but to no avail. Not until these pictures from

Treo8.com show us where it is at; at the bottom of the device. Yes, this is an "avant-garde" stylus location design from Palm. What do you think? I think I'll let the pictures do the talking. ;-D

The battery

With the new slim body in fashion, the Treo Pro must also fits in this new designed thin, but yet wide, battery inside. Unlike the battery used in Treo 800w, which can be charged using the same Centro's battery charger; Treo Pro's battery will need a new battery charger accessory. Yay, good news for you who love to buy all the accesorries along with the new device. ~LOL~

The last, but not the least; you must be wondering how is the Treo Pro look when it's turned on. At below, I've posted along the pictures of Treo 800w lied down next to iPhone 3G for size comparison. I hope they all can quench our thirst a little before the real Treo Pro out in the market, until then we must brace ourselves and get another empty bucket to drool for.

That's that for this edition of "little things you (may) have missed", see you soon until we have some other little details to talk about. If you're interested to see the whole Treo Pro live shots in all of their glory, then head on to the

translated Treo.com web page for more.

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