Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lauren Conrad practices to juggle between her BlackBerry and a Diet-Coke can

The 22-year-old "the Hills" hottie, was spotted out running errands in West Hollywood earlier today (August 13th), she recently chatted with Ryan Seacrest and ET about a number of topics - describing her lack of acting skills and what the future holds.

But when I see her at the picture above; there's definetely no lacking of her skill to hold both a BlackBerry and a can of Diet-Cola with the same hand. ~LOL~ And don't forget, she also weighted that arm with a shopping bag.

I tried (acting) when I first moved to L.A.,” Conrad said. “I took a couple of classes. Awful. Any opportunity you have to make fun of yourself I think is fun to do, but acting is an art and I don’t think I have a talent there.”

With this in mind, LC once again resounded her ambitions to get into the clothing business full-time, saying: “I would love to finish out the show and continue doing fashion.”

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